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This is a collection of grant opportunities and, if applicable, grant-related training opportunities that are currently available from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and other sources (January 26, 2016). Please note that they are divided by academic discipline and thus allow for easy navigation. The links listed below will change as new grant opportunities become available. In addition to checking the already existing external grant opportunities, do not hesitate to check this site on a regular basis.



Deadline Date – March 5, 2016; July 5, 2016; November 5, 2016

Grant Resource – US Department of Health and Human Services NIH

Category – Education and Health: New Frontiers (R01)

Description – The goal of this funding opportunity announcement is to support research that will further elucidate the pathways involved in the relationship between education and health outcomes and in doing so to carefully identify the specific aspects and qualities of education that are responsible for this relationship and what the mediating factors are that affect the nature of the causal relationship.

Cost Sharing or Match – No

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Deadline Date – March 18, 2016

Grant Resource – US Department of Agriculture

Category – Secondary Education, 2-Yr Postsecondary and K-12 Classroom Challenge Grants

Description – The Secondary Education, Two-Year Postsecondary Education, and Agriculture in the K-12 Classroom Challenge Grants (SPECA) program seeks to: (a) promote and strengthen secondary education and two-year postsecondary education in agriscience and agribusiness in order to help ensure the existence in the United States of a qualified workforce to serve the food and agricultural sciences system; and (b) promote complementary and synergistic linkages among secondary, two-year postsecondary, and higher education programs in the food and agricultural sciences in order to advance excellence in education and encourage more young Americans to pursue and complete a baccalaureate or higher degree in agricultural sciences.

Size of Grant – awards totaling $858,500

Cost Sharing or Match – Yes 

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Deadline Date – October 1, 2016

Grant Resource – Welder Wildlife Foundation, Rob and Bessie

Category – Wild Life Research

Description – The graduate research fellowship program is designed to promote the education of exceptionally qualified students and provide research information to manage wildlife… more » populations. Studies are limited to the continental United States. The Foundation will entertain research proposals in the following areas of study: animal behavior, biology, botany, conservation education, ecology, genetics, mammalogy, ornithology, parasitology, range science, veterinary pathology, and wildlife and fisheries sciences.

Size of Grant - $21,600 Scholarship stipends for full-time students are $1,600 per month for M.S. candidates and $1,800 per month for Ph.D. candidates to cover living costs, tuition, fees and books. Project travel will be allocated at $1,200… more » per year, pro-rated at $100/month in accordance with the number of months the student is doing field work.

Cost Sharing or Match – No 

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Deadline Date – February 25, 2016

Grant Resource – US Geological Survey and National Institutes for Water Resources

Description – USGS requests proposals on topics of national importance for funding through its National Competitive Grants Program. Any investigator at an institution of higher learning in the United States is eligible to apply for a grant through a water resources research institute or center. Abstracts from successful national proposals are available at

Size of Grant - $250,000

Cost Sharing or Match – $1 to $1

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Deadline Date – October 18, 2016

Grant Resource – US Department of Health and Human Services NIAMSD

Category – Building Complex 3-Dimensional in Vitro Human Musculoskeletal and Skin Tissue Models (R43)

Cost Sharing or Match – No

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Deadline Date – May 24, 2016; January 24, 2017

Grant Resource – US Department of Health and Human Services NIDOCD

Category – Noise-Induced Synaptopathy in the Human Auditory System (R01)

Cost Sharing or Match – No 

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Deadline Date – June 17, 2016

Grant Resource – National Science Foundation

Category – Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring

Description – The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring (PAESMEM) is a Presidential award established by the White House in 1995. The PAESMEM program is administered by the National Science Foundation (NSF) on behalf of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). Exceptional STEM or STEM-related mentoring in both formal and/or informal settings are eligible for the PAESMEM award. Nominations for the PAESMEM award may be submitted by any individual U.S. citizen or permanent resident or affiliated organization conducting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM or STEM-related) mentoring activities

Size of Grant – 16 awards of $10,000

Cost Sharing or Match – No

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Deadline Date – May 1, 2016

Grant Resource – US Department of Defense DARPA

Category – Atomic Clock with Enhanced Stability (ACES)

Description – The DARPA Microsystems Technology Office is soliciting research proposals for the development of high stability timekeeping instruments with suitably low size, weight, and power (SWaP) to enable widespread deployment in battery-powered portable applications.

Cost Sharing or Match – No

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Deadline Date – June 17, 2016

Grant Resource – US Department of Defense

Category – Minerva Research Initiative

Description – DOD is interested in receiving proposals for the Minerva Research Initiative (, a university-led defense social science program seeking fundamental understanding of the social and cultural forces shaping U.S. strategic interests globally. The Minerva Research Initiative (Minerva) emphasizes questions of strategic importance to U.S. national security policy. It seeks to increase the Department’s intellectual capital in the social sciences and improve its ability to address future challenges and build bridges between the Department and the social science community. Minerva brings together universities and other research institutions around the world and supports multidisciplinary and cross-institutional projects addressing specific topic areas determined by the Department of Defense. The Minerva program aims to promote research in specific areas of social science and to promote a candid and constructive relationship between DoD and the social science academic community.

Size of Grant - $150,000 to $5 million

Cost Sharing or Match – No

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Deadline Date – April 26, 2016

Grant Resource – National Science Foundation

Category – Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation

Description – Software is also directly responsible for increased scientific productivity and significant enhancement of researchers' capabilities. In order to nurture, accelerate and sustain this critical mode of scientific progress, NSF has established the Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation program, with the overarching goal of transforming innovations in research and education into sustained software resources that are an integral part of the cyberinfrastructure. Software has been a long-term investment focused on catalyzing new thinking, paradigms, and practices in developing and using software to understand natural, human, and engineered systems. The intent of SII is to foster a pervasive cyberinfrastructure to help researchers address problems of unprecedented scale, complexity, resolution, and accuracy by integrating computation, data, networking, observations and experiments in novel ways.

Size of Grant – awards totaling $17.5 million

Cost Sharing or Match – No

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