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2018 Oklahoma Research Day
March 9, 2018

Host: Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Location: Central National Bank Center, Enid, Oklahoma
301 S. Independence Avenue, Enid OK 73701

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The Oklahoma Research Day will hold its 19th annual meeting during the spring semester of 2018 at the Central National Bank Center in Enid, Oklahoma. Oklahoma Research Day is a consortium event coordinated by Oklahoma's Regional Universities and is the premier academic research event in the State. The first Oklahoma Research Day saw 233 poster presentations by students and faculty from Oklahoma colleges and universities. In 2017, the number of poster presentations had grown to surpass 550 presentations with over 1,100 registered students, faculty and guests.

Below are details regarding poster presentation guidelines, conference registration, and abstract submission.

Poster Guidelines 


45" tall x 45" wide (cannot exceed 2,025 square inches)
Basic Outline

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Abstract Format The abstract for submission should consist of no more than 1,500 characters with spaces and include the following information: 1) Objective of the research; 2) Thesis statement; 3) Methodology; and 4) Findings
Abstract Example

Innovation in city hall has accelerated with the rise of information communication technologies (ICTs) since the 1990s. The adoption of these technologies in local government has contributed to the emergence of electronic-government or e-government. While a growing body of research is assessing e-government across large metropolitan areas, a systematic analysis as to why and how e-government policies have been adopted in local government remains rare. Cross-national comparative studies are even rarer. Relying on a Evaluation Index of Local E-Government Sophistication as well as quantitative and qualitative approaches, the purpose of the analysis is threefold: 1) based on multiple regression, explain local e-government sophistication among a randomly selected sample of incorporated municipalities in the state of Washington in the U.S. and communes in the Aquitaine region in France; 2) based on descriptive statistics, illustrate the high level of e-government sophistication in the cities of Seattle and Bordeaux; and 3) guided by a model of policy innovation and based on a series of semi-structured interviews with city officials in Seattle and Bordeaux, explain the adoption of e-government policies in these cases that are embedded in very different national contexts. The results of this study help us understand macro trends in local e-government sophistication and some of the processes that guide the adoption of the relevant innovative ICT policies at the local level.

Printing Go to Printing Services in the Administrative Building (B7). See section on Poster Template below for a possible template and maintaining high quality printing.
Deadline To get your poster printed for free and on time for the conference, visit Printing Services by February 23, 2018.
Costs Assuming that the poster has been submitted to Printing Services by February 23, 2018, one poster/research project will be printed at no charge. As such, make sure that the poster you want printed is the final version.
Poster Template To maintain high printing quality, keep your poster saved as a power point file (do not convert into a jpg or other image format types) when printing at Printing Services. Electronic poster versions cannot exceed 2 MB in size and must be either in .pdf or .jpg format.


Conference Registration and Abstract Submission

By this point, you have already registered for Research Day if you plan to attend. You may edit your registration and submit your abstract and your poster file at the official site for Research Day. 

Please click here to visit the official Oklahoma Research Day websiteregister for the conference, and submit an abstract. Make sure to keep the relevant deadlines listed on the official Oklahoma Research Day website in mind.

Successful Conference Participation

  1. Register by Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 11:59pm.
  2. Develop your poster based on the above guidelines.
  3. FREE Poster Printing for Cameron students if submitted no later than February 23, 2018! Save poster file on a flash drive and deliver to Cameron University Printing Services by deadline. Printing fees incurred after the deadline are the responsibility of the student; printing is not guaranteed after February 23rd.
  4. Bus reservation: Reserve a seat on the bus by March 2, 2018. Bus will depart at 5:00am from the Cameron University Library parking lot. A confirmation email will be sent with details prior to the date of travel.
  5. Present your research poster on March 9, 2018.

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