Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions recently asked by prospective CU international students.


1.  What type of climate will I find in Oklahoma?
We have EVERY climate in Oklahoma! Because Oklahoma is in the temperate zone, students should come prepared for variable weather: cold days in the winter, hot days in the summer, as well as mild, pleasant days in between. The temperature frequently drops to -7 degrees C (20 degrees F) during the winter and rises to as high as 38 degrees C (100 degrees F) during the summer. Students should bring warm clothing for the winter months (November - April.) A heavy winter jacket is a necessity. Clothing for rainy weather is also needed.  Casual dress is the norm on campus for both male and female students.  However, we encourage international students to bring national wear and appropriate attire to wear for certain campus events, "dress-up" occasions, and international celebrations.  For more detailed information about the climate in Oklahoma, visit the Oklahoma Climate Data Page.


2.  Is public transportation available in Lawton?
YES. The Lawton Area Transit Service (LATS) operates a public bus service throughout the Lawton Area.  CU students can buy a semester pass for $30.00!


3.  What should I bring to wear on campus?
Be sure to keep in mind the changeable climate and casual lifestyle of Oklahoma when selecting what clothes to bring. You may want to consider bringing clothing from home so you can help Americans, and others, learn about your country and its customs. 


4.  Will I be able to work off-campus?
Not for AT LEAST ONE YEAR, and probably not until you graduate. You may work off-campus only if you have first received authorization from the DSO and DHS. You can read all about the work regulations on the Employment/Optional Training Guidelines link. Please Note: If you work illegally, you must voluntarily leave the country or face deportation. You cannot be reinstated. 


5.  Will I be able to work on-campus? 
POSSIBLY. On-campus work requires a Social Security card and work authorization letter from the DSO in addition to maintaining your full-time status. You can't apply for a Social Security card until you are registered and attending school. If you are able to get a job, your won't be able to work more than 20 hours per week while semesters are in session. Jobs are scarce, many students are competing for each campus job.  Click here for more information.


6.  Are medical facilities available?
YES. Cameron has a Wellness Clinic located on the ground floor of North Shepler for student use.  There is also a full-service, modern hospital is located next to the CU campus.


7.  Is medical care expensive in the United States?

YES!  Healthcare is extremely expensive in the U.S. Even a short visit to the doctor can be very expensive.

All international students are required to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan or provide proof of comparable coverage.  The insurance premium will be automatically assessed to your university account.  In order for international students to waive coverage, students must complete and submit a waiver form with proof of comparable coverage prior to the waiver deadline date.

If you have to take maintenance medication, have your doctor provide prescriptions for you to bring with you, and make sure they are written in English. Bring an extra pair of glasses or dentures.


8. How can I find out more about what is needed to go to school in the U.S.?
You are correct in wanting to learn more. You can get the answers to many of your questions by visiting the Study in the States Website.


9. Is Cameron University a safe place to go to college?
YES! The CU campus was just ranked #1 Safest Campus in Oklahoma AND has 
been ranked in the top 40 safest campuses in the nation in recent years.


10. What immunizations do I need to have? 
Immunizations are required by the State of Oklahoma.  A Compliance form will be sent with your I-20 when it is issued. You will need a copy of your immunization record verifying that you have received the following immunizations: MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella)(2 doses), Hepatitis B (3 doses), and if you are living in on-campus housing, Meningococcal vaccine.

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