General Facility Policies and Procedures

  • Use of the Aggie Rec Center is considered a privilege.  Failure to comply with policies and regulations may result in revocation of the privilege.


  • The safety of the Aggie Rec Center patrons is the first concern of Cameron University and the Aggie Rec Center Staff.  Many of the activities of the facilities are inherently dangerous and participation in them may result in bodily injury or even death.  Users acknowledge these dangers and risks and knowingly assume in applying for the use of the Aggie Rec Center.


  • Each person must present a valid Cameron University I.D. for admission to the Aggie Rec Center.  If patrons do not bring a valid CU I.D., they will not be allowed into the facility.


  • Each person will enter and exit the Aggie Rec Center by the main entrance of the facility on the west side of the facility.  NO other doors may be used!


  • Generally, academic classes will have first priority in the facility, followed by intramural or other sponsored programs, and then by free time or drop-in recreation.


  • Only those organized activities approved by the Director of Campus Life or Aggie Rec Center Manager will be permitted in the Aggie Rec Center.


  • Only those signs, posters, or decorations approved by the Office of Student Development may be placed in the Aggie Rec Center in designated areas.


  • No food is allowed inside the Aggie Rec Center unless a special event is taking place.


  • Sports drinks and water with lids are the only drinks allowed into the facility. All sports drinks must be pre-mixed before entering the facility, no drinks may be mixed inside the facility.


  • Cameron University is a Tobacco-Free Campus, and no tobacco is allowed in the facility.


  • Littering is prohibited.


  • Cursing and the use of foul language is prohibited.


  • We do not allow disruptive, intimidating, or threatening behavior while using the facility.   Therefore, non-compliance and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.


  • No pets, bikes, Frisbees, or skateboards are allowed inside the Fitness Center.


  • Proper athletic attire, including a shirt that covers your torso and athletic/closed-toe shoes, must be worn in every area of the Aggie Rec Center expect for the pool and patio area


  • Cleaned-soled, closed toe gym shoes must be worn at all times when using facility. This includes, but not limited to: playing floors/courts, track, weight training area, cardiovascular machines, aerobics floor area, and non marking shoes in racquetball/basketball courts.


  • No one under 16 is allowed in the following areas: group exercise area, weight area, and cardio equipment..  They must remain seated on the black benches for safety reasons.


  • Faculty and Staff's children under the age of 16 must be accompanied with a guardian at all times.


  • All personal property and belongings must be properly stored while using the facility. Please do not leave bags, backpacks, clothing, or similar items unattended.  Storing items on/under   benches is not properly storing items. Cameron University assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property.


  • The Director of Campus Life and Aggie Rec Center Manager has administrative reasonability for the Rec Center.  Any person who abuses the policies and procedures and/or student code of conduct will be subject to disciplinary actions.


  • Patrons are responsible for wiping off each piece of equipment when they are finished, to include checked out equipment, cardio, and weight equipment.


  • Patrons must follow all posted signage, warnings, and verbal instructions.


  • Please be courteous to other patrons using the facility.

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