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Exercise of the Week

Bench Press

To do a successful bench press:

  • Lay flat on the bench using a 5-point contact (feet, behind, back, shoulders and head are in contact with the bench at all times during the exercise). 
  • Choose a weight that you can comfortably do one repetition with. 
  • As a safety, always have someone to spot you.
  • Choose a comfortable hand position, usually palms up, make sure you are hands are evenly spaced on the bar.
  • Range of motion is to lift the bar up and bring it down to the middle of the chest. 
  • As you bring the bar down - inhale.
  • On exertion - exhale.
  • This completes one repetition of the bench press.

The bench press exercise benefits both men and women.  This exercise targets the pectoralis major (chest).

For a demonstration, more information or guidance on how to do a bench press, please visit the Aggie Rec Center.  

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