APRIL 6, 2016
Assemble at the CU FOOTBALL STADIUM promptly at 8:00 A.M. 
Additional instructions will be given during this assembly.
Contest is scheduled to be held in the South Shepler Tower, Room 203.

1.      Participation: Each school may enter one team of three or four (3-4) members and up to four (4) additional individuals. All entrants will be considered for high individual. However, the four-member team MUST be designated prior to the contest. From these four, the top three (3) scores will be used to determine the team score. (Individuals from schools not entering teams are welcome to participate). Eighth (8th) graders are encouraged to participate. Transportation to the site should be provided by contestants and sponsors.

2.      Contest Nature: Since the winners are likely to participate in the State contest, the district contest will be similar in nature. The contestants will be allowed up to three (3) hours to complete the test. Since considerable arithmetic will be involved, it is permissible (and encouraged) for contestants to bring calculators, but passing and sharing of calculators among contestants will NOT be permitted. All communication devices must be turned off during the contest.

3.      Reference for the Contest: Refer to the announcement of the state FFA Career Development Event contest booklet or web site.

Dr. Leon Fischer, Chairman
                                Agriculture Department, Cameron University