APRIL 6, 2016
All contestants and sponsors should assemble promptly at 8:00 A.M. at the
Additional instructions will be given at this assembly.

A total of eight (8) students from a school may participate in the Floriculture event. This means two teams total. No school should enter more than eight (8) students total for this event! If a school brings 9 students, only 8 will be allowed to participate!
Location of the contest will be at 9:30 A.M. upstairs in the Mezzanine, located between the Shepler towers on the Cameron University Campus. Transportation will NOT be provided! Please do NOT arrive before the designated time!
A designated team will consist of three or four (3-4) members. The three (3) highest scores of the designated team members are considered the team score. Team and/or individual ties will be broken by the highest score on contest parts in the following order: general knowledge test, identification, and judging. Written materials will be provided. Contestants are encouraged to bring an empty clipboard and pencil(s). This year there is a possibility that Riker mounts may be used for specimens that are unavailable. We are short handed on personnel this year, so we may not be able to provide fresh specimens for every item and the contest may be abridged.
I. General Knowledge (200 points): This portion of the contest will consist of forty (40) multiple choice questions taken from the Oklahoma Agricultural Education Horticulture curriculum. Each question is worth five (5) points. Questions may or may not be written exactly as they are in the core.
II. Judging (150 points): This portion of the contest will consist of judging three (3) classes (50 points each class) with four (4) specimens per class. Classes may come from the following: cut flowers, flowering pot plants, foliage plants, bedding plants, and hanging baskets.
III Identification (200 points): Each contestant will be required to identify forty (40) specimens (5 points each) from the Floriculture Identification list. Contestants will receive a list of all possible specimens and must place the number of the specimen to be identified next to the appropriate name. Duplicate specimens may be used and may be represented by potted plant, cut flowers or a leaf or stem sample.
The judges' decisions are final! Since no one is infallible, we will try to be as fair as possible. Identified
errors will be corrected as fairly as possible.
Results of the contest will not be announced until the awards ceremony! Please do not bother the scorers, as every interruption slows down the tabulation process. If you must leave before the awards ceremony, please make arrangements for the results to be mailed to your school.
                                Ms. Joellen Musguire
                                Agriculture Department, Cameron University