April 6, 2016 @ 8:00 A.M.

THE LAND  SITE WILL BE OFF CAMPUS . PLEASE BE ON TIME (8:00 A.M. SHARP) FOR ASSEMBLY AT THE CU FOOTBALL STADIUM entrance located on 38th Street between Gore and Lee Blvds. Additional instructions will be given during this assembly.

The Land Judging and Homesite Contest will be held in the vicinity of Lawton and will consist of four (4) sites selected by contest officials. Directions to the site will be issued at the contest registration site. Transportation to the site should be provided by contestants and sponsors.


The officials for the contest will include personnel of Cameron University and the National Resource Conservation Service.

Each FFA Chapter will be eligible to enter ONE team of three or four (3-4) members. In the case of four (4) member-teams, the high three members' scores will be added to get a team score. Schools may bring extra teams and individuals to judge or practice.
The general contest rules will be similar to those for the state and international contests.

                                Dr. Jerry Dodd, Professor
                                Agriculture Department, Cameron University

 *CALL (580) 695-7582 or 581-2275 if you have any questions.