TO:            FFA Interscholastic Career Development Event

Cameron University
                    Office of Public Safety, 580-588-2237

SUBJECT:        Bus and Privately Owned Vehicle Parking

On behalf of the Cameron University Office of Public Safety, we welcome you to Cameron. Our officers are here to serve you and help make your visit to our campus a safe and productive experience. Should you have any questions, concerns, or problems, please feel free to contact our office at the number shown above.

 Because of construction and a larger than average student enrollment, parking space is at a premium this semester. As a result, we have designated specific areas for bus parking (see map enclosed). Busses should park in the lower level of the football stadium parking lot. Busses may load and unload passengers where convenient and practical.

These are the only areas on campus where buses will be permitted to park. Busses parked in any other areas may be cited or towed away, as emergency vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances cannot maneuver through the parking lots in case of an emergency when oversized vehicles are blocking aisles or entrances/exits. Please insure your driver(s) are informed of this request.

Privately owned vehicles may park in visitors spaces in any campus parking lot. The visitor parking spaces are bordered by yellow lines.

Please follow this link (map) for a map of the Cameron Campus if you need assistance finding the bus parking areas. Again, we welcome you to Cameron University. May your visit here be enjoyable!

Together for a Safe Campus