Cameron University, Department of Agriculture, offers several major fields of study, or if a student has a special interest, a program can be designed to fit their needs.

Animal Science: The Animal Science graduate can look toward careers in banking, feed manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, real estate, food processing, research, public relations and management, and sales of livestock and their products.

Agronomy: Qualified agronomists fill a broad spectrum of positions in private industry , government agencies and consulting firms. Soil specialists are involved in urban land use planning and reclamation of lands disturbed by mining, construction, or pollution. Contrary to belief, most career opportunities in Agronomy do not require a farm background!

Agricultural Business Management: Make agriculture your business! Choices include farm and ranch management, agricultural business, agricultural finance, agricultural trade, and rural and community development.

Pre-veterinary Science: A program of pre-professional courses designed to meet the requirements for admission to Veterinary School.

Environmental Science: Career opportunities will be endless with an Environmental Science concentration. Learn to solve environmental problems in a program with emphasis on studies in agriculture, biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics.