Dr. Kurtis Koll

2011 Faculty Hall of Fame

Dr. Kurtis Koll

“It is important to teach students how to think, not what to think”

serves as Dr. Kurtis Koll’s  teaching philosophy – one that has served him well throughout his teaching career. Since joining the Cameron faculty in 1974, Koll has impacted the lives of elementary, middle school and high school students in addition to his Cameron students.

In her nomination for Koll, Dr. Michelle Smith said, “When if first arrived at Cameron, he approached me about collaborating to create summer camps. For the past 10 years, he has been actively involved with the K.I.D.S. (Kids Investigating the Discovery of Science) camp. He has shown his commitment to over 100 school-age children each summer. I believe this is evident of a true professional who is compassionate and caring.”

She also noted, “As a teacher, this compassion and caring is reflected upon his students. Many of our education students comment on his excellent teaching as well as his compassion toward them. He encourages his students to work to their true potential. This is evident of a teacher who is dedicated to Cameron University and its students.”

Student Levi Pettijohn agrees. “My experience with Dr. Koll in class is both encouraging and to the point,” he wrote. “His lectures are always engaging, interesting and pertinent. But he is much more than a teacher. Outside the classroom, I regard him as a mentor and a confidant. I can talk to Dr. Koll about life and personal situations knowing our conversations are held in confidence. I value the advice that he gives me.”