Meeting Minutes

Meeting Oct.8 2013

SGA Patricia
Extend Art Department Work Hours
Dream Spark: Free Software
Oct. 23 4:00Pm Reception; Investing money
OSGA Nov.2 OKC Process Parliamentary Procedure

Lock-in; 10 people attending so far
Expecting around 15; total pizzas 6
Amanda will get drinks
Tea, Water, coffee grounds

*OK Review
-Tell art department they are looking for submissions

Monika; Bakery Emporium
Needs art
Go as guild hang up art/have a show
Thursday Lunch Patricia, Meagan, Taylor, Elia, Hailey

Video ideas; Colored powder t-shirts
Along with videos of card sales. Etc.
(Daily life in the art department/art guild activities)

Mike Nolan’s Lecture in Edna’s Art Appreciation 12;30-1:45PM 
Wants more art students to attend.

Friday’s lecture reception: Need students to set up before Lecture is over
Table cloths needed> Taylor will be able to provide

Freshman orientation Oct, 14th
Set up Painter’s show on Saturday at 2PM
Shae; website is done. Taking suggestions or missing calendar information; (email her)


Minutes Oct.1

New SGA representative: 
Meagan Cheesman

Christmas Cards:
Will reuse pop. sellers from last year along with the ones entered. Shae and Elia will create more.

Amanda created poster; chose font on white poster opposed to font on blue. Shae will hang up.

Diversity Day:
Baking 600 cookies, 300 toast, 60 banana bread.

Who will be baking with Patricia and Megan;
Friday; Alejah, Dalisha 
Saturday; Shae, Dalisha
Sunday; Elia, Dalisha, Alejah

Need wax paper

Will create foil shapes on the 22 during meeting.

Box City Event: VOTED YES
Create a logo and/or poster for Box City Event.
Art Guild role is to advertise and organize submissions and judge to pick 1st, 2nd ,3rd

Art guild is encourages to participate in event.
Officers cannot submit a design but guild members can.

Committee- Shae, Sarah, Amanda, Chris, Dalisha

On Campus Events:
PAC chalk event

Halloween Carnival 6-8pm Date: ?
Need to reserve for face painting

People who will paint; Ashley, Dalisha, Elia, Patricia, Megan, Sarah.
Also will have coloring pages.

M. Nolan’s Reception;
Sams Sandwiches and drinks. Amanda will calculate prices.
Some possibilities to pay for refreshments are to get an advance from admissions. Chris H will do the research on that

Food for the Lock-in ;
Sams pizza. Patricia will get someone to deliver the pizza.

Stacy Smith from Duncan
Present and teach to 8th graders
Dates; Oct 5 Nov. 1,8,15,22 
Times available. 930-1130; 1230-230

John Painter Collection Nov.2 Saturday
Need help to hang up show 2nd floor MCC