Faculty and Staff Directory


Scott Richard Klein, Chair

Scott Richard Klein

Department of Art, Music & Theatre Arts, Chair
B.A., Gustavus Adolphus;
M.F.A., Minnesota State University-Mankato
Comm 116
Klein Personal Webpage
Phone: 580.581.2346 or 580.581.2480

Teaches:  Intro. to Theatre, Acting III: Period Styles, and Theatre Capstone.

Gregory Hoepfner, Chair

Gregory Hoepfner

B.M.E., M.M.E., Univ. of Central OK
D.M.A., University of Oklahoma
Music 107
Hoepfner Personal Webpage
Phone: 580.581.2449

Teaches: Voice, Centennial Singers, Composition, Theory, American Popular Music, and Music Education.

James Lambert

James Lambert

B.M.E., Baylor University;
M.M., University of North Carolina;
D.M.A., University of Oklahoma 
Haggar Hall 155
Phone: 580.581.2807

Teaches: Percussion, Percussion Ensemble, Percussion Methods, Community Band, Sight Singing & Ear Training I, Harmony & Structure I, Music Appreciation, and Advanced Theory.

Monika Linehan

Monika Linehan

B.A., Cameron University;
M.F.A., Southern Methodist University.
Art 124D

Phone: 580.581.2451

Teaches:  Design I, Illustration, Figure Drawing, and Advances Painting.

Katherine Liontas-Warren

Katherine Liontas-Warren

B.S., Southern Connecticut State University;
M.F.A., Texas Tech University.
Art 111
Lionatas-Warren Personal Webpage
Phone: 580.581.2812

Teaches: Art Appreciation, Drawing I, and Advanced Printmaking.

Edna McMillan

Edna McMillan

M.F.A., Louisiana Tech University.
Art 124A
McMillan Personal Webpage
Phone: 580.581.2452

Teaches: Art Appreciation, Color, History of Art I, Layout/Production, History of Art: Contemp. Art II, and Senior Art Studio.

Hyunsoon Whang

Hyunsoon Whang

Louise D. McMahon Endowed Chair in Music
B.M., Piano Performance, St. Louis Conservatory of Music
M.M., Piano Performance, The Julilliard School
D.M., Piano Performance and Literature,
Indiana University School of Music
Music 108
Whang Personal Webpage
Phone: 580.581.2803

Teaches:  Piano, Class Piano III, Music Appreciation, and Accompanying.


Associate Professors

Eric Abbott

Eric Abbott

B.F.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln;
M.F.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Theatre 124A
Abbott Personal Webpage
Phone: 580.581.2815

Teaches:  Intro. to Theatre, Costume Techniques, and Exploring Multiculturalism.

Deidre Onishi

Deidre Onishi

B.A., Carleton College;
M.A,. University of Hawaii-Manoa;
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Comm 106

Phone: 580.581.2427

Teaches:  Theatre/Drama:  18/19 Century and Exploring Multiculturalism.

Kirsten Underwood

Kirsten Underwood

B.M., Willamette University
M.M., Boston University
Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
Music 105
Phone: 580.581.2445

Teaches: Private Cello, Bass, and Guitar, Music Literature, World Music in Culture, Civic Symphony, Guitar Ensemble, String Methods, String Quartet and Music Appreciation.


Assistant Professors

JD Little

JD Little

B.M., Ohio University
M.M., University of North Texas
D.M.A., University of Colorado-Boulder
Music - Room 106
E-mail: jlittle@cameron.edu
Phone: 580.581.2437

Teaches:  American Popular Music, Jazz Ensemble, Music Fundamentals, Sight Singing & Ear Training III, and private lessons in Clarinet, Flute, and Saxophone.


Christian Morren

Dr. Christian MorrenB.M., Cameron University
M.M., Oklahoma City University
D.M.A, University of Oklahoma
Music - Room 104
E-mail: cmorren@cameron.edu
Phone: 580.581.2531

Teaches:  American Popular Music, Choir, Voice, Opera, and Conducting.

Claudio Re

Claudio Re

B.S., Conservatorio Luca Marenzio (Brescia, Italy)
M.A., University of Northen Iowa
Ph.D., University of Florida
Music - Room 109
E-mail: cre@cameron.edu
Phone: 580.581.2802

Teaches:  Band, Music Lit., American Popular Music, Pick Axe band, and Trombone.


Ben Willams

B.A., Emporia State University
M.F.A., Kent State University
Comm 118
Phone: 580.581.2428

Teaches:  Theatre Practicum, Stagecraft, and Exploring Multiculturalism.


Adjunct Faculty

Mrs. Yiuka Chan Spannagel

Mrs. Yiuka Chan

M.M., Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Haggar Hall 161
Phone: 580.581.2346

Teaches: Class Piano.

Sandy Greene

Mrs. Sandy Greene

B.M., University of North Texas
M.M., Southeastern Louisiana University
Music 112
Phone:  580.581.2346

Teaches:  Private Voice, American Popular Music, & Music Appreciation


Ms. Debra Greenway-Hayes

MFA, Texas Womans University
Art 124
Phone:  580.581.2346

Teaches:  Online Art Appreciation, Ceramics and various workshops

Glen Henry

Mr. Glen Henry

MFA, Arizona State University
Art 124D
Phone:  580.581.4872

Teaches:  Design II, Beginning and Advanced Sculpture, and Graphic Design

Mrs. Doris Lambert

Mrs. Doris Lambert

M.M., Midwestern State University
Music 103
Phone: 580.581.2443

Teaches: Private Voice and Music Appreciation.

John Moots

John Moots

B.M.E., M.M.E, Wichita State University
Music 101
Phone: 580.581.2432

Teaches: Private Trumpet and Trumpet Ensemble


Christen Walden Humphries

MFA Texas Womans University
Duncan 101

Teaches:  Art Appreciation


Tom Willoughby

Staff Accompanist
Phone: 580.581.2346

Teaches: Accompanist for the Concert Choir.



Natasha Williams

Administrative Assistant I

B.A., Cameron University
Phone: 580.581.2346

Joseph Roberts

Joseph Roberts

Stage Technician
B.A., Cameron University
Theatre 202
Phone: 580.581.2817


Emeritus Faculty

Jack Bryan

Master's Degree, University of Tulsa
Bachelor's of Fine Arts, Fine and Studio Arts, University of Oklahoma


Dr. Cecile Crabtree

Ph.D., University of Oklahoma


Mr. Bruce Detweiler

M.M., California State-Long Beach

David Fennema

Dr. David Fennema

B.S., M.A., University of Wisconsin;
Ph.D., Indiana University. 


Dr. Earl Logan

B.A.E., M.M., Ph.D., Arizona State University


Dr. Jan Logan

B.S., M.M., Arizona State University
D.M.A., University of Oklahoma


Ms. Shirley Martin

B.A., University of Northern Iowa
M.A., Claremont Graduate School


Dr. Tom McCollom

B.M., Oklahoma State University
M.M., Yale University
D.M.E., University of Oklahoma


Dr. Virginia Sircy

B.M., North Texas State University
M.M., Michigan State University
D.M.A., North Texas State University


Dr. George F. Smith

B.M.E., M.M.E., University of Oklahoma
Ed.D., North Texas State University


L. Benson Warren

Post Graduate Study in Sculpture, University of Iowa
MFA in Sculpture, Stephen F. Austin University
MA in Painting, Stephen F. Austin University
B.S. in Art, Biology minor, Stephen F. Austin University


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