British Studies Program

2015 British Studies Program

June 25 - July 29, 2015

British Studies

General Background

Welcome to British Studies. Your world for 4 nonstop weeks. You are living and learning in London, a city of 8 million people from every corner of the world. Your courses have a British accent, and so do many of your instructors. As an undergrad or a graduate student, you’re researching a topic of your choice, in institutions few Americans ever have a chance to visit. Soon you’ll be off with your class doing field research for 4 days in Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, or wherever your professor and your class lead you.


Classes and Credit Hours

You will be able to select from a wide variety of classes in the areas of Art, Business, English, History, Interior Design & Geography, Mass Communication, Library Science, Music Industry, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Sport Management. Based on a total of 6 credit hours for a given class, 3 credit hours are satisfied through lectures taught by eminent British scholars, artists, business leaders or government officials, and field excursions and seminars led by American professors. The remaining 3 credit hours are satisfied by supervised research. Awarded by the University of Southern Mississippi, the courses and 6 credit hours transfer to any university or college in the USA.



Your investment in British Studies will pay you back a lifetime’s worth of professional and personal dividends. The 2015 program costs are $7,200 for both undergraduate and graduate students. Additionally, most students spend an extra $3,000 on average to fund meals, weekend travel, mini break travel, supplies, and gifts.


Application and Other Study Abroad Opportunities

Completed online application with $250 deposit will be accepted until February 27, 2015. For more details about the program and application process, visit the official website of the British Studies Program by clicking here. If you are interested in other study abroad opportunities, check out The Compass.

Orndorff, Holbrook, Hughes, Barrick, Song Group Picture at Piazza Michelangelo

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