BRC Projects

Main Projects

Listed below is a representative sample of projects undertaken by the Bill W. Burgess, Jr. Business Research Center:

  • Economic Impact of Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge (2013)
  • Economic Impact of Tourism in Comanche County  (2012)
  • The Economic Impact of Comanche County Fairgrounds  (2011)
  • Waste Management Project (2010)
  • Impact of City Sales Tax Increase: A Study of Selected Cities in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas (2008)
  • Cameron University Alumni Association Survey (2007)
  • Economic Impact of Cameron University (2007)
  • Comanche County Community Needs Assessment Study (2005)
  • Fort Sill Military Housing Needs Study (BRAC Project) (2005)
  • Cost Benefit Analysis for Different Courses of Action Phase 2 (BRAC Project) (2005)
  • The Economic Impact of the Fort Sill Military Base on the Local Economy Phase 1 (BRAC Project) (2004)
  • Wind Generator Feasibility Study (2001)
  • Lawton Arts & Humanities Council "The Economic Impact of Arts & Cultural Organization on Lawton Metropolitan Area (2000)
  • Lawton/Ft. Sill Smart Economy Task Force Studies (1999)
  • Oklahoma Conservation Commission: State Wide Opinion survey on Wetland Conservation (1996-97)
  • Comanche County Community Needs Assessment (1995)
  • Oklahoma Mountain Metro Resource Manual (1994)
  • Stephens County Unitd Way Needs Assessment (1992)

Ongoing Projects

Comanche County & Regional Economic Indicators

This page provides statistics, demographic data, economic information, and links for Comanche County, Oklahoma.  The data is collected from various sources such as Oklahoma Department of Commerce, US Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Labor, etc..

Southwest Business & Economics Journal

In April 1992, we introduced the first issue of our new business journal, the Southwest Business & Economics Journal, which was originally named Southwest Oklahoma Economic Review.  It is published once a year.

The purpose of the journal is to educate business leaders and provide economic information, ideas, and concepts with applications for professionals and practitioners in business.  Priority is given to subjects dealing with new interpretations and solutions to problems in regional economic development.

Cameron Business Forums

Since January 1991 Cameron University, the Department of Business, and the Bill W. Burgess, Jr. Business Research Center have sponsored the Cameron Business Forums.  The purpose of these meetings is to communicate locally relevant current business and economic information to the community.  The forums are held at Cameron University's CETES Conference Center.

Cost of Living Index

In Collaboration with the American Chamber of Commerce Researcher Association (ACCRA), the BBRC collects cost of living data for the Lawton area.  This information is used by ACCRA to calculate the cost of living index for Lawton.