Organizational Communication Internship

Organizational Communication internships are also available to Communication majors and minors. Dr. Ron Price supervises this internship program. Emphasis is placed on experiential learning - the relating of academic experiences to those of the work place. A student is expected to work four hours each week for every credit hour enrolled. A maximum of six credit hours can be earned in this program.

Generally, internships are not allowed until the second semester of the junior year. This restriction insures adequate academic preparation for the work experience. Other qualifications include the following criteria:

  1. The student must be a major in the Department of Communications and have completed two-thirds of the Public Relations/Organizational Communication courses required for graduation.
  2. Applicants must have an overall GPA of 2.8 or higher and 3.0 or higher in Communication courses.
  3. A record of no incompletes in major courses.
  4. Recommendation by departmental faculty based on an evaluation of that student's professional maturity. The student intern is perceived as a representative of the department and the university. Only those students who have demonstrated excellence and serious professional intent will be given consideration.

Public Relations Internship

Students can gain valuable experience in a supervised public relations work environment with a major company, hospital, bank, school district, university, college or professional sport, Chamber of Commerce, or political campaign. Students can earn three hours of college credit for an internship in Public Relations. Students must be a Communication major with a Public Relations/Organizational Communication concentration or minor. Students must be in their junior or senior year.

Journalism Internship

Journalism students can earn three hours of college credit for Journalism internships. Students can work for broadcast stations, newspapers, or organizations that have Public Information Offices. Students must be Communication major with a Journalism concentration or minor. Students must be in their junior or senior year.

Radio/Television Internship

The Communication Department offers students an opportunity to gain up to six hours of college credit for internship experience. Internships provide supervised work experience in a professional broadcast setting which relates to the student's career objectives. The internship will allow practical experience in radio/television. A student must have a radio/television concentration or minor and must have had most of the broadcast courses offered by the department. Usually students must be in their junior or senior year to participate in the internship program.