Directed observation and on-the-job internship served in area directly related to the student's technical specialty.  The job should be approved by the major advisor prior to starting the internship.  Laboratory 6-12 hours.  Prerequisites:  TECH 3013 and 3023 or departmental permission.

Tech 4003-6 is offered by arrangement only.  It is the obligation of the student to find a work station which may or may not be a reimbursed situation.  The course is normally offered for 3 hours credit and only under special circumstances and with departmental permission may be taken for more than 3 hours.  The student must spend 32 hours actually on the job for each 1 hour credit. 

Students already employed in a position related to their major may be required to do their OJI in a different environment.  The OJI is a learning experience and does not include evaluation 
of previous learning on the job.

Upon completion of the course students should:Program Objective: aware of the work environment as it actually exists P1,P6 personally acquainted with professionals in the field P1,P5
....better understand skills and knowledge acquired in previous course work. P4,P10

An initial report, progress reports, a final report, and a time log are required.

  I.  Initial Report
  A memorandum must be prepared by the student and signed by the assigned supervisor at the OJI location.  The purpose of this memo is to outline to the sponsoring faculty member the parameters of the OJI experience.  A description of the exact project to be accomplished must be included.  Work arrangements to include dates, days and times must be discussed.  A Gantt chart must be included to show planned project progress and milestone reporting dates for progress reports and the final report.

 II.  Progress Reports
  Memos must be submitted throughout the project reflecting the status of work being done. These reports must be submitted based on the dates shown in the Gantt chart.  Late reports will result in unsatisfactory progress.  An updated Gantt chart must also be submitted with each progress report.  Students taking 6 hours in one semester must submit not less than 2 progress reports, in addition to the initial and final report.  Students taking 3 hours in one semester must submit not less than 1 progress report in addition to the initial and final report.  Discussion in these reports should include a summary of past work, current status, and future plans.  Give specific information about the project.

 III. Final Report
  At the end of the project a final memo must be submitted detailing the overall project from start to finish.  This memo must be signed by the assigned supervisor at the OJI location.  Discussion should include project status with specific information about the accomplishments.  A final Gantt chart must be attached along with a copy of the time-log signed by the assigned supervisor.

Written reports will be evaluated on the same basis that a supervisor or manager would evaluate reports including neatness, organization, content, grammar, and punctuation.  The due dates as shown on the Gantt charts must be met when submitting progress reports.  All written materials must follow good writing procedures as emphasized throughout the Department of Technology curriculum and specifically in the Technical Report Communications course.

A course grade for OJI will be reported as either S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory) based on the items discussed in this syllabus.  A student on an OJI project is expected to perform in a professional manner.