Council of Deans

The Council of Deans is not a formally designated body but acts as a communication and advisory body to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Members of the Council of Deans provide advice to the Vice President for Academic Affairs concerning strategic planning, budgeting needs, University policy changes, fund raising activities, matters of mutual interest, and other priorities of the University.

2013-2014 Minutes

2013.07.02 Minutes 2013.07.02 Minutes
2013.08.09 Minutes 2013.08.09 Minutes
2013.09.04 Minutes 2013.09.04 Minutes
2013.10.02 Minutes 2013.10.02 Minutes
2013.11.06 Minutes 2013.11.06 Minutes
2013.12.04 Minutes 2013.12.04 Minutes
2014.01.08 Minutes 2014.01.08 Minutes
2014.02.05 Minutes 2014.02.05 Minutes

2013-2014 Agendas

2013.07.02 Agenda 2013.07.02 Agenda
2013.08.09 Agenda 2013.08.09 Agenda
2013.09.04 Agenda 2013.09.04 Agenda
2013.10.02 Agenda 2013.10.02 Agenda
2013.11.06 Agenda 2013.11.06 Agenda
2013.12.04 Agenda 2013.12.04 Agenda
2014.01.08 Agenda 2014.01.08 Agenda
2014.02.05 Agenda 2014.02.05 Agenda





Dr. Ronna Vanderslice, Vice President for Academic Affairs

John Camey, Dean, School of Business

Howard Kuchta, Interim Dean, School of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Von Underwood, Dean, School of Liberal Arts

Terry Conley, Dean, School of Science and Technology

Susan Camp, Director, CU-Duncan

Debbie Goode, Director, Information Technology Services

Karla Oty, Director, Institutional Research, Assessment, and Accountability

Sherry Young, Director, Library Services

Sylvia Burgess, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Marge Kingsley, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Linda Phillips, Registrar