HLC Academy for Student Persistence and Completion Steering Committee

The HLC Academy for Student Persistence and Completion Steering Committee is not a formally designated body but is an ad hoc committee assembled to facilitate Cameron University’s participation in the HLC Academy for Student Persistence and Completion. Members of the committee represent a wide range of campus offices and services and provide direction and oversight for initiatives related to student success in the first year of college.

2018-2019 Agendas


Dr. Margery Kingsley, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs (Chair)

Mr. Zeak Naifeh, Dean of Students

Dr. Danny McGuire, Chair, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering

Dr. Christopher Keller, Chair, Communication

Dr. Mary Dzindolet, Chair, Psychology

Ms. Pamela Holland, Instructor, Education

Dr. Lynda Robinson, Associate Professor, Education

Dr. William Carney, Associate Professor, English

Mr. George McCormick, Assistant Professor, English

Dr. Parshuram Budhathoki, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Mr. Corey Sanders, Instructor, Office of Teaching and Learning

Ms. Kay Means, Admissions Specialist

Ms. Cody Gardner, Advisement Specialist

Ms. Olivia Polynice, Coordinator, Inclusion and Student Success

Dr. Karla Oty, Director, Institutional Research, Assessment, and Accountability

Ms. Aimee Plumb, Director, Prospective Student Services

Ms. Linda Phillips, Registrar