Top 30 Courses Project Committee

The Top 30 Courses Project Committee is not a formally designated body but is designed to facilitate communication among faculty teaching Top 30 courses and to serve in an advisory capacity to the Office of Teaching and Learning on matters related to student success in Top 30 courses, faculty development for Top 30 faculty, and campus initiatives related to Top 30 courses.

2018-2019 Agendas


Dr. Margery Kingsley, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs (Chair)

Dr. Matthew Van Sant, Agriculture & Biological Sciences

Ms. Edna McMillan, Art

Ms. Beth Adele, Business

Dr. Abdulhamid Sukar, Business

Dr. Clinton Bryan; Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering

Mr. David Bublitz, Communication

Mr. Muhammed Javed, Computing and Technology

Ms. Pamela Holland, Education

Dr. Marie-Ginette Bailargeon, English and Foreign Languages

Dr. William Carney, English and Foreign Languages

Mr. George McCormick, English and Foreign Languages

Ms. Sharon Christensen, Mathematics

Mr. James Dover, Mathematics

Dr. Andrew Stonerock, Music

Ms. Kerri Stephens, Psychology

Mr. Travis Childs, Social Sciences

Mr. Ali Madanipour, Social Sciences

Ms. Natalya Nikitina-Helvey, Sports and Exercise Science

Mr. Eric Abbott, Theatre Arts

Mr. Darrin Daugherty, Library

Mr. Corey Sanders, Office of Teaching and Learning        

Ms. Lisa Restivo, Office of Extended Learning

Dr. Karla Oty, Director, Institutional Research, Assessment and Accountability