Chalk & Wire Electronic Portfolio

All Cameron education programs use Chalk & Wire as our electronic portfolio software. The portfolio illustrates the diverse range of experience and learning opportunities provided to candidates throughout their programs. The portfolio development process allows teacher candidates to produce evidence of their growth as they critically reflect on their own learning as well as that of the students they will teach.

Undergraduate candidates begin using Chalk & Wire in EDUC 3003 Introduction to Teaching (or their first education class) and continue using it through the end of student teaching. A list of required artifacts by course can be found in the undergraduate handbooks.

Graduate candidates begin using Chalk & Wire in their first course. A list of required artifacts by course can be found in the graduate handbooks.

Portfolio Policies & Procedures

  • A license is required to be purchased at the University Bookstore, and must be renewed each year by purchasing a renewal card at the bookstore.
  • Initial training on the use of Chalk & Wire will be provided by the department, but it is the candidate’s responsibility to maintain and manage the eportfolio appropriately. Student tutorials and other support services are available on the Chalk & Wire general web site at:
  • Satisfactory completion of five (5) standards is required before a student will be placed in student teaching with the five (5) remaining standards required prior to program completion.
  • Transfer students seeking entry to the Teacher Education Program will have their lesson plans assessed in Chalk & Wire prior to the end of the semester in which they interview.
  • The courses in the professional education sequence require that specific portfolio artifacts be included in the portfolio and submitted to the instructor for assessment. Artifacts must be submitted to instructors for scoring during the semester in which the course is taken. Instructors may include specific dates for submitting portfolio artifacts in their course syllabus. 
  • Once an artifact has been entered in the portfolio and assessed by an instructor, the artifact must remain in the portfolio.

Transfer Courses & Portfolio

Students transferring education courses from other colleges/universities should be able to meet the Oklahoma State Standards through the portfolio using work completed in the class that is being transferred. It is not the intent that transfer students will have to complete a new assignment identical to Cameron’s, but rather that students will meet the expected level of competence through a previously completed assignment. The departmental Course Transfer form will indicate if there is a portfolio assignment required. If so, the student will be referred to the chair of the departmental curriculum committee who will assign an instructor to work with the student to identify or create an artifact that will fulfill the Oklahoma State Standard for that course. The student will then submit the artifact and reflection to their transfer portfolio on Chalk and Wire for that instructor to assess. 

Portfolio FAQ

Q. Can I access my account and portfolio on any computer at any location?
A. Yes. Chalk & Wire is completely web-based and can be reached from any web-capable computer or device.

Q. Is the assessment of my portfolio directly related to the grades I receive in my courses?
A. Not directly. A course cannot be considered complete until the portfolio assessment is made by the instructor. Course grades, on the other hand, are determined by the assignment rubrics and grading protocol found in the course syllabus.

Q. Will I be able to resubmit documents for re-assessment in Chalk & Wire after they have been evaluated by my instructors?
A. Yes—in the case of a score that is not passing; No—in the case of a simply wanting a higher score. If a student does not receive an overall passing score of 3 on the artifact rubric and/or the reflection rubric, the artifact/reflection must be resubmitted and rescored until it does receive an overall passing score of 3 on the appropriate rubric. This should be done during the semester the course is taken or as agreed upon by instructor and student. Artifacts or reflections that have already received a passing score will not be re-scored.

Q. Can I include additional assignments in my portfolio besides those that are required?
A. Yes, you may add assignments to your portfolio at any time.

Q. I’m having trouble using Chalk & Wire.  Who should I see for help?
A. Mr. Kelly McClure is available by email at or phone at 580-581-2276. You may also make an appointment with Mr. McClure for one-on-one training.

Q. If I want to use student information or images in my class assignment documents, should I obtain parental permission before I include that information in my portfolio artifacts?
A. Yes. While only those officials and colleagues who have a need to know will have access to the artifacts in your portfolio, do not make written references to, or use images of, students involved in your field experiences without first obtaining a release from parents giving you permission to include those names or images in your documents.

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