OGET Review - Grammar

A close look at the OGET scores from elementary education majors showed that Cameron students are generally successful on their persuasive essay, but sometimes have trouble passing the communication skills multiple choice sections. The questions in that section focus on grammar -- specifically grammar terminology and identifying examples in sentences.

To help with that section, we suggest you spend time studying the "Grammar Bytes" website found at http://chompchomp.com/menu.htm. Here you will find an easy to use and understand list of terms with their definitions along with handouts to study. You can also practice using the interactive activities that mirror the types of questions on the OGET. (And there is lots of applause for correct answers!)

OGET Review - Math

If you need help on the math sections of the OGET, you might want to watch the following videos from the Khan Academy on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/khanacademy/videos?query=mtel  In the videos a teacher walks through all of the questions on the Massachusetts teacher test for general knowledge, giving the right answers on the test page. It's not the OGET itself, but should be very close in content.

OSAT Review - Elementary Reading

Several students who have been successful on the Elementary Education OSAT Subtest 1 have used the study guide for a similar test required of California teachers (RICA) for additional support. Two students specifically said that they worked through the RICA practice test using the textbooks from their Cameron reading classes as references. Anything that they didn't understand, they looked up. Here's a link to information about the RICA if you want to try this yourself: http://www.rica.nesinc.com/RC_preparation_materials.asp

CU Review Sessions - Elem & ECE OSAT

Cameron University education faculty mobilized in November 2011 to provide additional support for our students' preparation for the OSAT in early childhood and elementary education. We hope the following files and videos will serve as a review. We also hope that our students will not forget that the OSAT is a test and, as with any test, it is important to study.

Our apologies for the visual design of the videos -- our little tripod was not able to keep up with our dynamic faculty.

Dr. Robinson Reviews Reading

Mrs. White reviews language arts

Dr. Reynolds reviews social studies

Dr. Williams reviews constructed response

Dr. Glazer talks about how to attack multiple choice questions

Dr. Dennis gives tips for dealing with test anxiety

Reading Horizons is a resource to aid in learning skills to improve the ability of our candidates to teach reading to P-12 readers.  This company provides a free workshop for Cameron teacher education candidates to review the basics of the 42 sounds of the alphabet, 5 phonetic skills, and 2 decoding skills. This online learning program will provide a review to enhance the learning of basic literacy skills for beginning and struggling readers.

Click the link below to get started.

Reading Horizons