Education - Undergraduate Prospective Students

Getting Admitted to Cameron University

Everything that you need to know about getting admitted to Cameron can be found on the CU Admissions site.

Choosing a Degree in Education

Cameron University offers several undergraduate education degrees. To identify the best choice for you, look at the degree plan for each major. Each degree plan outlines the required courses for the major as well as the other requirements for the teacher education program.

You may also contact the advisor below for your degree program of interest.

Biology Education - 580-581-2373 -
Early Childhood Education - 580-581-2320 -
Elementary Education - 580-581-2320 -
English Education - 580-581-2929 -
Mathematics Education - 580-581-2481 -
Music Education (vocal or instrumental) - 580-581-2440 -
PE Education - 580-581-2397 -
Romance Languages Education - 580-581-2929 -
Social Studies Education - 580-581-2499 -

Visiting the Department of Education

You can find the Department of Education in the Nance-Boyer building. If you come to visit, the Education Student Services office in Nance-Boyer 1012 is a good place to start.

CU Undergraduate Catalog

Details about Cameron's policies, procedures, and programs can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Financial Assistance

Information about a variety of forms of financial assistance along with who to contact can be found on CU's Financial Assistance site.

Education Undergraduate Student Handbooks

More details about the undergraduate education programs that Cameron has to offer can be found in the Undergraduate Student Handbooks.

Advisement & Enrollment

Students majoring in elementary education and early childhood education are generally advised by faculty in the department. New students to Cameron and those who need transfer work evaluated may request an evaluation by calling Toll Free 1-888-454-7600 or 580-581-2289, if all their transcripts have been submitted (for more information see Faculty in the department and at the advising center will advise you about the best course sequence and necessary prerequisites. Typically, summer and fall enrollment begins after spring break and spring enrollment begins after fall break.

Students who wish to enroll during the first week of enrollment can sign up for an appointment with their advisors during the week before enrollment begins using sign up sheets outside each office. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisors for advisement before peak enrollment times to determine the best course sequence—this makes enrolling much easier.

Contact Information

Nance Boyer, Room 1078
2800 W. Gore Blvd.
Lawton, OK 73505
580.581.2320 Voice
580.581.2865 Fax