Graduate education students complete a variety of field experiences in conjunction with coursework. Each of these field experiences includes a field-based assignment providing opportunities to work with your own students and colleagues in a variety of ways. Additionally these experiences allow you to work with constituencies that are impacted by the new roles for which you are preparing. 

A list of courses with the required field experiences can be found in program handbooks.

Background Checks

Beginning in fall 2014, all graduate candidates must provide proof of a current background check prior to completing any field experience and/or completing any assignment involving preK-12 students. Graduate candidates must pass re-checks every calendar year, as needed to complete the field experiences for their programs.

Graduate students must complete a Field Placement Form for each graduate course that includes a field experience – even if the student will be working in his or her own classroom or a colleague’s classroom.

Proof of a background check may be provided in one of the following ways:

  1. Complete a School Employment Verification Form showing employment in an accredited school.
  2. Provide documentation of a Cameron undergraduate check completed within one year.
  3. Complete a check through ($39.00 first check; $17.00 re-check as of Fall ‘14)
  4. International students only should complete the Background Check Request for International Students

 All students must wait for approval from the Field Experiences Office prior to visiting any classroom or beginning any assignment in their own classrooms.

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