The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Education degree is designed to enable practitioners to develop the competencies of accomplished teaching according to the National Board of Professional Teaching standards. M.Ed. in Education students choose one of the following concentrations.

Concentrations not leading to certification:

  • Literacy
  • Teaching and Learning (for individuals pursuing or holding alternative teaching certification)

Concentrations leading to certification:

  • Special Education (including a variation for Boot Camp completers)
    • Requires a teaching certificate

Contact the Graduate Coordinator, Claudia Edwards, or Teacher Certification Specialist, Mrs. Ramona Mott, for more details.

Program Objectives

The M.Ed. program objectives focus on mastery in six areas so that each master teacher can:   

  1. develop and deliver curriculum based on theoretical foundations of the discipline;
  2. analyze, utilize, and conduct research critically;
  3. identify developmental and individual differences and adjust practices accordingly;
  4. monitor and assess pupil learning;
  5. demonstrate the use of technology in support of teaching and learning; and
  6. reflect upon and evaluate his/her own practices.

The majority of students completing this program continue to work and advance in public school systems throughout the region.  Those specializing in special education have also gone on to work in the private sector for state agencies, hospitals and mental health organizations. 

Admission Requirements

  1. Meet all requirements for admission to Cameron University graduate studies
  2. Possess a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or minimum graduate GPA of 3.0 or have an earned master’s or doctoral degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning.
  3. Have two recommendation forms with dispositions
  4. Possess valid teaching certificate or passing scores on the OGET & OSAT for non-certified programs.

Course Requirements

A minimum of 33 semester hours credit in approved graduate-level courses are required for the M.Ed. in Education -- a combination of core and concentration courses. Additionally, all students must complete an introductory seminar.

Core Courses – 15 hours
EDUC     5103 Introduction to Graduate Research
EDUC     5143 Multiculturalism and American Education
EDUC     5273 Advanced Tests and Measurement
EDUC     5333 Curriculum Development and Practicum
EDUC     5913 Multimedia in the Classroom

Concentration – 18 hours
EDUC     5573 Foundations of Literacy (possible co-requisite)
EDUC     5603 Methods for Teaching Struggling Readers
EDUC     5663 Teaching Reading in the Content Area
EDUC     5693 Advanced Child/Adolescent Lit.
EDUC     5723 Language & Literacy Development
EDUC     5773 Phonics, Word Study & Linguistics

Special Education
SPED      5203 Children and Youth with Special Needs
SPED      5223 Advanced Assessment & Evaluation in Special Education
SPED      5263 Historical & Modern Foundations of Special Education
SPED      5413 Instructional Methods of Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities
SPED      5723 Curriculum for Exceptional Individuals
SPED      5623 Practicum: Mild/Moderate Disabilities
EDUC     5573 Foundations of Literacy

Teaching and Learning
EDUC     5073 Advanced Methods in Teaching
EDUC     5713 Advanced Foundations of Teaching & Classroom Management
6 hours of Practicum + 6 hours of Guided Electives OR 12 hours of Internship
Guided Electives:
EDUC     5523 Learning Theories
EDUC     5663 Teaching Reading in the Content Area
SPED      5413 Instructional Methods for Students w/ Mild/Mod Disabilities

To request a copy of the syllabus for a course taught in the M.Ed. in Education program, please contact the instructor of the course as noted in the course schedule or contact Tiffany Hamilton in Nance-Boyer 1078 or at 580-581-2320.

Additional Program Requirements

Requirements must be completed within the first 12 hours in the M.Ed. program:

  1. Minimum GPA of 3.0 on all graduate work
  2. Completion of EDUC 5100: Introductory Seminar for Graduate Programs
  3. Two acceptable dispositional assessments from program faculty
  4. Passing score on the 12-hour portfolio check

Requirements for program completion:

  1. GPA of 3.0 on all graduate work
  2. Completion of all required field components, practica, and/or internships
  3. Passing score on exit-program portfolio
  4. Passing score on Analysis of Growth paper
  5. Completion of Exit Survey
  6. Acceptable dispositional assessment by one faculty member who specializes in student's field.

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