Admission to Teacher Education

All students who are working toward education degrees will need to be admitted to the Teacher Education program. Students learn the "in’s and out’s" of admission during the EDUC 1800 Education Introductory Seminar taken in the same semester as EDUC 3003 Introduction to Teaching.

Admission Criteria

The following criteria are required for Admission to Teacher Education:

  • Passing score on the Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET)
  • Minimum retention GPA of 2.5
  • Completion of the following courses with a grade of C or better: ENGL 1113, ENGL 1213, COMM 1113, MATH 1413 or higher, HIST 1483 or 1493, PS 1113, and two Humanities
  • Completion of EDUC 1800 with a grade of S
  • Completion of or concurrent enrollment in EDUC 3003 with grade of C or better
  • Completion of or concurrent enrollment in EDUC 3733 and either Biological or Physical Science
  • Grade Equivalent score of 12.0 or higher on the Nelson Denny (taken during EDUC 3003).
  • Passing score on EDUC 3003 lesson plan rubric
  • Application for Admittance to Teacher Education
  • 3 satisfactory faculty recommendations
  • Satisfactory interview

Process for Admission to Teacher Education

1. Pick up and complete an application for admission.

After you have taken the OGET, you will want to complete an application for Admission to Teacher Education. Each application consists of an application form, an autobiographical data sheet, and three recommendation forms. Application packets are available in Nance-Boyer 1012 or at RSU in Baird Hall 201.

2. Request faculty recommendations.

You will complete the top of the recommendation form, including your choice to waive or not waive your rights to see the recommendation after it has been completed and your signature. Deliver the recommendation forms to the faculty members you wish to complete them—two from general education and one from the education department. When requesting recommendations from faculty members, please be mindful of the time of year. You should not expect faculty to be available during breaks and other busy times, such as finals week. Faculty members will return the recommendation forms directly to the Teacher Certification Specialist in Lawton or the Academic Advisement Specialist at RSU.

3. Sign up for an interview.

Interviews for Admission to Teacher Education occur throughout the year, typically in August prior to fall classes beginning, in October/November, in December/January prior to spring classes beginning, in March/April, and in May prior to summer classes beginning. You may only sign up for an interview date and time when you have your passing OGET scores in hand. In Lawton, you may sign up for an interview in the Education Student Services office (NB 1012); at RSU you may do so in Baird Hall 201.

4. Submit a lesson plan for scoring (if not scored in Chalk & Wire during Introduction to Teaching).

By the end of the semester in which you interview, you must have a passing score on a lesson plan. When you interview for Admission to Teacher Education, the committee will let you know if you have a passing score for a lesson plan in Chalk & Wire. If you do, you will not need to submit anything through Chalk & Wire during that semester. If you do not have a scored lesson plan, you will need to submit one through Chalk & Wire. Instructions for the submission of your lesson plan will be provided at that time. 

5. Interview

Complete an interview with a committee of faculty members. You can expect to be asked several questions about your experiences as they relate to your desire to be a teacher. The committee is responsible for recommending you for admission to the program.

6. Receive notice of your acceptance into the Teacher Education program.

The Teacher Education Council meets after the interviews to review committee recommendations and candidate information to determine whether or not candidates will be accepted into the Teacher Education program (conditional on a passing score on a lesson plan). Following their determination, the hold on your enrollment will be lifted so that you may enroll in restricted classes. You will also receive a formal letter acknowledging your acceptance.     

Admission for Transfer Students

Transfer students who were admitted to teacher education at another college or university may receive conditional admission to teacher education at Cameron for one semester. Conditional admission means candidates will be allowed to enroll in restricted courses for one semester. During that time, the following items must be completed:

  • passing score on admission interview
  • passing scores on three (3) recommendation forms completed by faculty in attendance at the interview
  • passing score on the OGET
  • GPA of 2.5 or better
  • completion of courses required for entry to teacher education with grade of “C” or better
  • passing score on lesson plan and reflection

Transfer candidates will automatically receive a score of “3” for the Nelson Denny test based on the premise that a passing score on the OGET indicates at least an average score on the Nelson Denny.

Contact Information

Department of Education
Nance Boyer, Room 1078
2800 W. Gore Blvd.
Lawton, OK 73505
580.581.2320 Voice
580.581.2865 Fax