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Academic Enrichment


The mission of the Office of Academic Enrichment is to ensure that each student receives a quality education under caring faculty by providing opportunities to take rigorous honors classes, engage in guided research and scholarly activities, and in preparation for global citizenship participate in academically-sound study abroad opportunities. In addition to creating an intellectually enriching environment, the Office of Academic Enrichment supports faculty in pursuit of research and scholarly activities through internal and external grants. In support of this mission, we seek to create synergies across Academic Research, the Honors Program, and Study Abroad.


Events and News
Academic Enrichment Award by Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Study Abroad

Spring 2015 Study Abroad Tour

Berlin: Postwar Germany

Academic Research

External Grant Writing Workshop II: This workshop will focus on budget development and project evaluation. The workshop is scheduled for November 13, 2014 (Thursday) between 2:00-4:00 p.m. in CETES 207. Dr. Linda Mason, Grant Coordinator at the Oklahoma State regents will conduct the workshop. To register for the workshop, click here.

Honors The Honors Students Society will meet on a regular basis throughout the semester in the Honors Student Lounge (Cameron Exchange Building). For details about the meeting times, contact the Society's advisor, Lani Malcolm at
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Director of Academic Enrichment
Dr. Tony Wohlers