Fit Kids @ CU

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Cameron University is proud to support Fit Kids of Southwest Oklahoma, an initiative aimed at creating a healthier community for our children.

Today’s generation of children will be the first not to outlive their parents, according to a startling report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other leading experts. The reasons given for this grave prediction is health complications due to obesity. Childhood obesity should be all of our concern.

Cameron University has launched a number of health-conscious initiatives, to help students and the community live healthier. Additionally, Cameron will be lending its expertise and resources from the Center for Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Studies (CETES) to assist Fit Kids of Southwest Oklahoma to further develop a dynamic and progressive business plan. CETES, Cameron’s state-of-the art business complex, exists to partner with developing businesses in Southwest Oklahoma, assist area entrepreneurs, and to promote economic development for this region of Oklahoma. 

Fit Kids of Southwest Oklahoma recognizes all are affected by an unhealthy society. Cameron University looks forward to the role it can play in helping Fit Kids of Southwest Oklahoma grow to become an even stronger force for the benefit of Southwest Oklahoma and those that depend on us most, our children. Read on for more information about other Cameron-based, health-conscious initiatives.

Cameron University Initiatives

Community Garden

In April 2009, Cameron University opened a community garden to promote healthy eating for employees, students, retired employees, alumni and donors. The garden plots are located on the south side of C Avenue and the east side of 38th Street. Each plot is 20' X 20', with a total of 60 plots available for gardening. The garden was hugely successful during its first season, and we are anxiously awaiting the spring planting season.

Healthier Eating

As part of the university wide promotion of healthier lifestyles, Cameron University's cafeteria will also look a little greener. Sodexo Campus Services, the first-class catering company that serves Cameron's meals, will offer a healthy eating station every day in the cafeteria. The healthier menu ensures that all students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus have the option of eating healthier and making a positive impact on their own lives as well as the collective health of the Cameron family.

CU in Shape

In an effort to get the campus community engaged in health initiatives, Cameron University has incorporated a Wellness Fair and fitness competitions, open to all faculty, staff and students. The university's state-of-the-art Fitness Center is also available to all students, faculty and staff and offers many free aerobics and fitness classes.

Aggie Mile

One of the most exciting transformations in Cameron University's recent history is a shift in the campus plan to a more traditional campus with parking on the perimeter. A one-mile route has been clearly marked and designated as the Aggie Mile. Walkers may check out the impressive new architecture, the beautiful landscaping and walk through the lush Bentley Gardens on the way to classes, meetings or just to get some exercise. The Aggie Mile is a great place to start taking advantage of Cameron's new campus initiatives to help the CU family and community get in shape.

Freedom from Smoking

To address the public health concern of smoking, Cameron University will offer Freedom from Smoking, a community-based smoking cessation program that provides a supportive environment in which individuals can quit smoking. This nationally successful program includes counseling on diet, exercise, stress management and relaxation techniques. Cameron University is committed to confronting this important health issue in a positive manner and meeting the health needs of students, faculty and staff.