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     Ours is a community of more than twenty full and part-time faculty, staff, and student workers dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. We offer bachelor's degree programs in Political Science, History, and Social Studies Education, minors in Political Science, History, Geography, Pre-Law, International Studies and the Humanities, and a broad array of required and elective general education courses. We serve well over one hundred majors and more than a thousand other students annually.

      If you are interested in any of our disciplines, in improving your critical thinking, analysis, reading, and writing skills, or in joining passionate educators and ambitious students in a quest to learn, to understand, and to share knowledge, then I invite you to contact the department at your convenience for more information. We’d be thrilled to have you with us!


Lance Janda, Ph.D.

Dr. L. Janda

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 March 2015 - New Minors Approved:

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"How to Approach the Job Market with a BA in History"


View career-planning resources for those pursuing a B.A. in History or Social Studies Education.


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