General Faculty Guidelines



  1. All faculty members must have Cameron University e-mail addresses, current personal phone numbers and addresses, and an updated vita on file in the department office.
  2. All classes must meet at the time and place indicated in the Cameron University schedule unless alternative arrangements have been approved by the chair. If a classroom is unsuitable for any reason, please contact the chair immediately. In most cases other classrooms or additional equipment can be found, and the class schedule can be modified to reflect any permanent changes. Classes must normally meet in the room indicated in the electronic schedule so that in the event of an emergency university officials can contact students enrolled in the course.
  3. In compliance with the Faculty Handbook, all classes must meet for their fully allotted time, and may not be cancelled for "research," "reading," "study," or "library work," etc. This is not intended to discourage alternative classroom settings, trips to the library field trips, etc.; in fact, these are activities are strongly encouraged. However, faculty must always accompany students during the allotted time that class is scheduled to meet. This fulfills State Regent requirements governing the minimum number of clock hours that classes must meet in order to qualify for university credit, and is indicative of the responsibility faculty have to direct student learning. Faculty are urged to be as creative as possible with their classes, and are only required to seek approval for activities outside the classroom from the chair first so that he/she is aware of what's going on and can explain alternative arrangements to higher authority. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the chair.
  4. All classes must meet during the time allotted for final exams in the Cameron University schedule, though no exam is required.
  5. Faculty who cannot conduct their regularly scheduled classes due to sickness or emergency should notify the chair and make arrangements for substitute instructors to cover the course(s) in question. They may contact substitutes themselves, or request that the chair do so on their behalf. If courses need to be cancelled, the chair and department staff will notify students as far in advance as possible.
  6. When necessary, information regarding university closure due to severe weather or any form of emergency will be available on the Cameron University web page (, through the Office of Community and Government Relations (580-581-2200), and through local media outlets including The Lawton Constitution, KSWO TV Channel 7, and various radio stations. 
  7. In the event of severe weather while on campus, follow the appropriate university guidelines. They are detailed on the web at:   
  8. In the event of an emergency of any kind on campus, call the Office of Public Safety at 581-2911. For non-emergency situations in which aid from the Office of Public Safety is required, call 580-581-2237.
  9. Updated copies of course syllabi should be provided to the department at the beginning of each semester.
  10. A copy machine capable of reproducing, faxing, and scanning documents is available in South Shepler 633. Check with the department administrative assistant for the access code.
  11. Mail addressed to department faculty will be delivered to mail boxes in South Shepler 633. Please check your box regularly.
  12. The adjunct faculty office is in South Shepler 607. Adjuncts are encouraged (but not required) to hold office hours there and to use the computer and printer as needed. Other computers are also available within the department.
  13. Final semester grades must be submitted electronically by the appropriate eight or sixteen week deadline. All deadlines are posted on the Cameron University web site. Grades should not be posted in any public area, or shared with anyone other than the student in question unless that student has a FERPA release on file with the Office of Student Services.
  14. Computers, DVD/VHS players, and document projectors are available in all classrooms. Keys to the multimedia carts are available through the department.
  15. Keys to all classrooms are available through the department, and will be needed by all faculty teaching 8:00 AM sections. In most other cases classroom keys will not be required because the classrooms will already be open.
  16. All courses should be taught at a university level, with plenty of reading and writing assignments. Open book exams or quizzes are  not permitted.
  17. Faculty are encouraged to use the university Early Alert system to notify students who are not attending class regularly or who are doing poorly on their assignments. Check with the department for details regarding how to use Early Alert.
  18. Faculty who teach department courses that count towards the university general education requirement will be required to give a general education assessment instrument at the end of each spring and fall semester. Check with the department for details.
  19. Faculty teaching HIST 1483, 1493, 1113, 1123, 2113, or 2223 must use a standard textbook and reading selected by the department. They are free to assign additional books or reading assignments as needed. Check with the department for details.
  20. For all general university questions, consult the Cameron University web site at or call the Department of History and Government office.

History and Government

Guidelines for Departmental Evaluation, Promotion, and Tenure


The Guidelines for Departmental Evaluation, Promotion, and Tenure are designed to supplement and clarify the general policies and procedures regarding faculty evaluation, promotion, and tenure in the Cameron University Faculty Handbook for faculty in the Department of History and Government.  Faculty in the Department of History and Government should consult the Faculty Handbook for all general questions regarding deadlines, procedures, and policies associated with evaluation, promotion, or tenure, and refer to the guidelines in this document only for clarification of university policies within the department.

Contact Information

Lance Janda, Chair
History and Government
Cameron University
2800 W. Gore Blvd.
Lawton, OK 73505
Ph: (580) 581-2517
Fax: (580) 581-2499

Music director leading the band

Contact Information

South Shepler, Room 632
2800 W. Gore Blvd.
Lawton, OK 73505-6377
580.581.2499 Voice
580.581.2941 Fax