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Honors Program Advisors connect students to resources and opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, and are a consistent source of support during the undergraduate experience. Honors Advisors empower students to make the most of their time at Cameron University. Advisors provide students with a rich and well-rounded undergraduate experience.

First Year Orientation:

The Honors Program Orientation will assist students with the transition from talented high school students or current Cameron University students, into successful college students. The Office of Extended Learning staff members offer academic support and guidance targeted to the first year experience.

Follow-up Advising

Follow up discussions to discuss progress with academic and personal goals will take place with Honors Program staff during the Spring semester. Students and advisors will begin to frame upper-class opportunities including Honors Colloquia, Seminar and Experiential Learning (research opportunities and other creative activities).

Students that experienced academic difficulty in the fall are required to meet with an Office of Extended Learning staff member.

Joining Honors

First-Year Students: Potential Honors candidates are identified during the Admissions process, based on High School GPA, ACT or SAT scores.

Transfer Students: Transfer Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher, and a strong academic record are welcome to inquiry. In addition, all students who were enrolled in an honors program at an Oklahoma public community college or state university are automatically welcome to join the Cameron University Honors Program.

Program Requirements

The completion of the Honors Program requires 24 credit hours of honors curriculum work (see Honors Program Check Sheet). The credit hours are divided as follows: 1) honors core courses; 2) honors elective courses; and 3) capstone project in the major. In general, honors courses count as general education or electives courses. The specifics about the breakdown are as follow:

12 hours of honors core courses
All Honors Program students are to take a 12 hour core that includes Introduction to Honors Studies, Foundations of Leadership, the Colloquia Great Ideas sequence, and an Honors Seminar.

12 hours of honors elective courses
Honors interdisciplinary courses are offered each semester. Honors hours can, with special permission, be earned for the development of undergraduate research and for service learning projects.

Capstone course work in the major field
These are typically special topics courses and directed study projects for qualified students at a senior level within the major.

Grade Requirements

Honors Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.2. If cumulative GPA is less than 3.2 at the end of a regular semester (after a student's second regular semester), the student will be placed on probation in the Honors Program. If while on probation, the student has a semester GPA that is below 3.2 or receives an "F" in any undergraduate level course at any time, it will be considered grounds for termination from the Honors Program.


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