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Honors Program

Honors Handbook

Cameron University’s Honors Program provides a system of supports and rewards for students who demonstrate exceptional achievement in their pursuit of academic excellence. The Honors Program also provides a central focus on the Cameron Campus.

The program offers honors sections of numerous courses that meet general education requirements, honors options in a number of other courses, and honors seminars in special topics. These courses and honors options are open to students with high levels of talent, preparation, and/or motivation. Typically, they are small, discussion-oriented classes, and they are often augmented by field trips, museum visits, guest lectures, technological enhancements, and team teaching. All honors courses are acknowledged as such on the student’s official transcript. Full listings of honors course offerings are published regularly by the office of the Honors Program. Honors course offerings are structured to encourage students to complete a significant portion of their general education requirements in honors courses and to encourage students to reconsider the interrelationship between disciplines and careers in interdisciplinary upper division seminars. The Honors Program also encourages the development of high quality undergraduate research, honors capstone projects, and the development of honors degree tracks in major disciplines. All honors courses and completion of comprehensive honors program tracks will be acknowledged on the Cameron transcript.

The program also coordinates the activities of the Cameron honor societies and works to increase their visibility and to maximize their role as hubs of academic leadership in the Cameron campus community. Through the Forum of Honor Societies, the Honors Program is also actively involved in the encouragement of the development, presentation, and publication of scholarly work by Cameron students. The Forum also administers a program which grants tuition waivers and other awards to students who present outstanding work at scholarly conferences.

The aim of the Honors Program is to produce graduates who have gone farther, learned more, and become more capable of leadership both in the community and in a chosen field of study. View the entire Honors Program Handbook.

Honors Students Society

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Cameron University Honors Students Society (CUHSS) will help shape, promote, and advance the Honors Program by providing constructive recommendations and by creating a vibrant and intellectually enriching campus environment for honors students. In that spirit, we strongly encourage each Cameron University student who has been accepted into the Honors Program to join the CUHSS and help shape its future and that of the University as a whole. The CUSSH meets once a month during the semester (TBD) in the Honors, PLUS, and Graduate Student Study Lounge in Library room 109. Please feel free to stop by the Office of Extended Learning if you have any questions about Honors Students Society.


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