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What are the benefits of being in Honors?

  • Receive priority class enrollment status
  • Qualify to receive the $1,000 President's Distinguished Scholarship for Academic Enrichment
  • Impress prospective employers and graduate schools with your commitment to academic excellence
  • Receive recognition of your work in the honors program during commencement and on your college transcript
  • Learn from the University’s outstanding scholars/teachers in innovative courses
  • Receive mentoring and attentive academic advising
  • Participate in research opportunities and present your research or creative work at conferences
  • Participate in study away and civic engagement opportunities
  • Study and collaborate in the exclusive Honors Lounge
  • Eligible to join the Cameron University Honors Students Society


Why should I take honors courses? Will they make it harder for me to maintain my GPA?

Honors courses are not designed to be more difficult than other courses. They are designed to offer you greater interaction with your fellow students and selected faculty. Typically, honors courses are less likely to be pure lecture, more likely to be participatory. All college courses are challenging: honors courses are typically more student-centered and cover the material in much more depth.


Will I receive any special recognition for having taken honors courses?

Yes. For students who take and complete the required Honors courses at a cumulative GPA of 3.2, an Honors Stole will be provided for Commencement and the official transcript prepared upon graduation will bear a special notation.


Could these courses count as part of my distribution, General Education, Major, Minor, and Electives? Can they be courses that I need for my major or minor?

Yes.  There are no “extra” courses required by honors.


What must I do to retain my place in the honors program?

You must take complete honors courses in a timely manner and earn a grade of "B" or better in each of these courses.

You must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or better throughout the 4 years of your eligibility as an undergraduate student.


Can I join honors-related organizations?

Yes. Cameron University Honors Students Society is open to all honors students. Activities and members are recognized during Convocation.


Can I receive scholarships to support my academic career as an active honors student?

Yes. Cameron University offers the $1,000 President's Distinguished Scholarship for Academic Enrichment. Based on competitive award selections, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  1. First time recipients must have a composite ACT scores of 25 with an ACT sub-score of 29 or higher in at least one area of specialization
  2. Student must be enrolled full time (12 or more semester credit hours)
  3. Student must be an active member of the Cameron University Honors Program
  4. Scholarship recipient may continue to receive the scholarship for a maximum of four years (8 semesters) provided they remain active members of the Cameron University Program and maintain a 3.5 or higher cumulative grade point average


How do I apply for the President's Distinguished Scholarship for Academic Enrichment?

To apply for the scholarship, keep the following in mind:

  1. A university application for admissions
  2. A university scholarship application
  3. A 500 word essay focusing on what the student expects to gain from participation in academic enrichment activities
  4. Apply by August 31, 2019

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