Phone Directory

Director of Student Housing (580) 581-2392
Department Secretary (Linda Kendall) (580) 581-2392
Shepler Center Hall Director (Levi Pettijohn) (580) 581-2916
Student Housing Graduate Assistant (Shawna Horn) (580) 581-2916
Cameron Village Hall Director (580) 581-2392
Shepler Desk Supervisor (Casey Kreger) (580) 581-2916
Shepler Desk (Nights, Weekends, Holidays) (580) 581-2391


Resident Assistants

   The Resident Assistant is the immediate staff member on your floor or in your living area. He or she plays a vital role and can be your immediate source of help and information. The RA's orient residents to the services and regulations of Student Housing and the University. Although the RA's are responsible for enforcing the Student Housing Handbook and University policies, their main role is not one of a disciplinarian. The RA's are your friends; they are concerned with your emotional, academic and overall well-being. Your RA is ready and willing to help you with problems help find answers to your questions.

Custodial Staff

   The Custodial Staff is made up of custodians hired to maintain the cleanliness in public areas (bathrooms, hall, lobby, lounges). They will do light maintenance work in your room if needed. The custodian's job is more pleasant and your hall is more attractive if you do your share and show consideration and kindness to them.

Student Housing Office

Room 111 in McMahon Center
(580) 581-2392