A successful grant will go through the following life cycle:

  • Initial Grant Considerations
  • Approval of Grant Proposals
  • Submission of Grant Proposal
  • Grant Award
  • Internal Reporting Requirements

Initial Grant Considerations

To increase the likelihood of submitting a successful grant, the following issues should be considered by the individual or group wishing to pursue a grant or agreement.

Read the RFP - Read the RFP - Read the RFP

Does the proposal serve the University's mission?

Is it in the best interest of the University, school and department to pursue the proposal?

Does the University possess the necessary resources that will allow it to effectively carry out the grant or agreement? (staff, faculty, facilities)

What obligations will the University have following the life of the grant?

Is it necessary to seek Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for the project?

In order for the Office of Academic Enrichment to accurately track proposal development, submission, and award, Proposal Developers should initiate all grants and contracts only after first contacting the Director of Academic Enrichment.

The Grant Planning Sheet lists additional, but equally important issues that should be considered in the planning and early writing phase of a grant. Addressing these issues will facilitate the writing and submission of a successful grant.

Approval of Grant Proposals

  1. Proposals are routed and approved within the University using the Grant Implementation Form. The Principle Investigator will need to sign this form to begin the routing process. Assuming the submission deadline allows, this needs to be completed no later than 21 business days prior to the deadline of the grant and returned to the Office of Academic Enrichment in the Cameron Exchange Building, Room 100.
  2. The Office of Academic Enrichment will complete the routing process. The Grant Implementation Sheet will be reviewed and signed by: the Principle Investigator, Chair of the Department, Dean, Academic Enrichment Director, and Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  3. The Office of Academic Enrichment will coordinate with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Principle Investigator regarding the mailing or electronic submission of the final grant proposal to the funding agency.


Grant Submission Using

To apply and submit a grant application through, find and download the application and instructions here. You will need the CFDA Number or the Funding Opportunity Number (from to search. You do not need a login or password on to do this. Cameron University has already completed all of the necessary steps to submit through

Once you have the application package, read and follow all instructions. The Principle Investigator is responsible for the Narrative, Budget (print form and fill in), Budget Narrative, Attachments, and any other supporting documentation. All files other than the Budget need to be written in Microsoft Word and then saved to PDF form for submission.

The Office of Academic Enrichment will fill out all forms and assurances and upload all information provided by the Principal Investigator into the final application and submit the application. As is still in the development stage, this process can be lengthy. Please allow several days for submission along with the standard routing time.

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