Cameron Seal and Logo

History of the Cameron University Seal

Cameron's Official SealCameron University's seal was commissioned in November 1981 through a contest to find a new logo for the university.

The Office of Information Services conducted the contest. Entries were judged by members of the publications committee and faculty members in the CU Art Department. The winning design was submitted by Richard Brawley.

The seal is used on all official university documents, including letterhead and envelopes.

The CU Logo

Cameron University Pickace Logo

Until 2003, the CU seal served as the university's marketing logo. As the university faced opportunities and challenges of a new century, a new design was needed to link Cameron's rich past and its bright future.

Implementing the center elements of the seal, the new logo was an ultra-modern design that depicted the sun rising over the Wichita Mountains – Southwest Oklahoma's predominant geographic feature.  That logo was used until 2007, when a less stylistic version was implemented as part of Cameron’s centennial celebration.  Like the previous designs, it also focused on the sun rising over the Wichitas.  While that logo can still be spotted on a variety of materials, it no longer serves as Cameron’s primary logo.

Cameron’s current logo features the letter “C” with a pickaxe running through its center.  The logo was created in 2004 as part of a project that reintroduced mascot “Ole Kim” to the campus community.  The pickaxe was a nod to Ole Kim’s return to the Cameron campus that year in the form of a prospector.  For the first part of its existence, the logo was tied primarily to sports and spirit-building events.  However, its colorful and distinctive design proved popular with students and organizations producing Cameron memorabilia.  As a result, the university made the decision in the spring of 2018 to make the design its primary logo.

The “Pickaxe C” logo can be found on university publications, recruitment materials, advertising, official merchandise and promotional items.

Use of Cameron University's seal and logo

The seal and logo graphics are only to be used on Cameron University webpages or for links to Cameron's website unless permission is requested and granted. For permission, email Keith Mitchell, Senior Director of Public Affairs.