Enrollment Information

Enrollment Dates

All students must be advised prior to enrolling for the upcoming semester. Contact the Academic Advising Center or your Department Advisor to schedule an appointment.”   (Part-time students aren’t required to see an advisor.)

Enrollment Dates
CLASSIFICATIONSummer 2019Fall 2019
Graduates March 26 March 26
Seniors March 26 March 26
Honors Program Students March 26 March 26
Juniors March 27 March 27
Sophomores March 28 March 28
Freshmen March 29 March 29
Open Enrollment April 1 April 1


Application Procedure

Office of Admissions
North Shepler, 2nd Floor, 581-2289

Submit an application for admission to the Office of Admissions by mail or in person or complete online. Pay $20 application fee to the cashier in the Administration Building or at One Stop in McMahon Centennial Complex.

Freshmen or Transfer Students with less than 24 hours of credit:

  • Submit an official transcript from high school, or GED, and official transcripts from all colleges attended.
  • Submit official ACT scores if under 21 years of age.
  • Computerized Placement Tests (CPT) required if over 21 years of age

Transfer Students with 24 or more hours of credit:

  • Submit official transcripts from all previous colleges attended

To be readmitted, complete the application for admissions online or in the Office of Admissions and pay the $20 application fee.

Online Students
Complete the application for admission online. Online students may contact a faculty advisor in their discipline by phone or email to be enrolled.

Military Students
Active duty Army military students who intend to use tuition assistance must apply for admission online at www.GoArmyed.com.

Graduate Students
Graduate students may complete an application for admission online or in the Office of Admissions or email graduate@cameron.edu for more information.

Cameron University-Duncan
Students in the Duncan area may complete the admissions and enrollment procedures at Cameron University-Duncan, 3100 W. Bois D'Arc, Duncan, OK. 1-877-282-3626.


Orientation is required of all students with less than 15 hours of credit. It is strongly recommended for transfer students. Call the Office of Admissions at 581-2289 to schedule an orientation.

Placement Testing

Cameron University uses ACT scores to determine placement in English, mathematics, reading and science courses for first-time entering freshmen. Students with an ACT score of less than 19 in English, mathematics, or reading are required to take a remedial course in the subject area or be approved for placement in a collegiate level course based on performance on computerized placement tests (CPT). Students will be required to remediate any mathematics or reading performance deficiencies prior to taking a science course. Students with an ACT of less than 19 will be required to complete three science courses to meet baccalaureate degree requirements.

Math, English, and Reading CPT's are required for adult students.

The Testing Center is located on the 5th floor, North Shepler or call 581-2502. CU-Duncan students may schedule testing by calling 877-282-3626.  Active duty servicemembers may take Placement Tests on Fort Sill on a walk-in basis.

Enrollment Procedures

Advisement Center
North Shepler, 1st Floor, 581-6741

  • Once admitted,  students should schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor or Advising Specialist in the Advisement Center. Students will be assigned a primary Advising Specialist during the admissions process or during orientation.
  • Active duty military students who intend to use tuition assistance must enroll online at www.GoArmyed.com. Active duty military students can be advised and enrolled in the Welcome Center, Bldg 4700, on Fort Sill.
  • Refer to the online schedule for closed or cancelled classes and explanation of enrollment holds.

Dropping and Withdrawing

DROPPING: Defined as canceling one or all classes within the drop period. Refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates. Classes that are dropped will not appear on the transcript. Dropping can be processed either at the Enrollment Office, at CU-Duncan, or with the faculty advisor.

WITHDRAWING: Defined as canceling one or more classes while remaining enrolled in at least one class, after the drop deadline. See the Academic Calendar for specific dates. Withdrawn classes will appear on the transcript with a grade of W. Withdrawals must be processed at the Enrollment Office or at CU-Duncan.

COMPLETE WITHDRAWAL: Defined as canceling all classes in which enrolled for the semester. If the complete withdrawal is processed during the Drop Period, no entry will appear on the transcript. If processed during the Withdrawal Period, classes will appear on the transcript with a grade of W.

To process a complete withdrawal:

  1. Obtain an OFFICIAL withdrawal form from the Enrollment counter, North Shepler, Room 201A.
  2. Obtain all instructors' signatures for all courses in which enrolled if at the 12th week of a 16-week session or 6th week of an 8-week session.
  3. Obtain Financial Assistance Office clearance and signature if receiving financial aid.
  4. Return to the Enrollment Office to process the withdrawal.
  5. CU-Duncan students may complete the withdrawal process on the Duncan campus.
  • NO withdrawals are allowed in the final two weeks of a regular semester or proportional period of a special session.

Student I.D. Number & Card

Upon admission, you will be assigned a unique student I.D. number. This will be a six-digit number assigned by the institution - not your social security number. You may obtain your student I.D. card at One Stop in the McMahon Centennial Complex or CU-Duncan.