Institutional Assessment Committee

The Institutional Assessment Committee reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and is responsible for

(1) identification of appropriate assessment objectives for Cameron University, consistent with the policies and requirements of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and the Higher Learning Commission; and

(2) University-wide coordination of planning and implementation of entry-level assessment, mid-level (general education) assessment, programs outcomes assessment, and student satisfaction assessment programs which meet those same objectives and requirements.

2017-2018 Agendas

IAC_Agenda_17_08_18.pdf IAC_Agenda_17_08_18.pdf 8/17/2017 12:28 pm 169 kB
IAC_Agenda_17_10_24.pdf IAC_Agenda_17_10_24.pdf 10/23/2017 8:40 am 189 kB
IAC_Agenda_18_01_19.pdf IAC_Agenda_18_01_19.pdf 2/20/2018 8:59 am 95 kB

2017-2018 Minutes

IAC_minutes_17_08_18.pdf IAC_minutes_17_08_18.pdf 3/5/2018 10:48 am 110 kB
IAC_Minutes_17_10_24.pdf IAC_Minutes_17_10_24.pdf 3/5/2018 10:48 am 111 kB


Faculty: Chair (appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs); one appointed by and from the Faculty Senate; one appointed or elected at the discretion of the Dean from each of the undergraduate schools; Chair of the General Education Committee (ex-officio, non-voting).

Administrators: Director of Institutional Research, Assessment and Accountability (ex-officio, non-voting); Vice President for Student Services (ex-officio, non-voting); the Vice President for Academic Affairs (ex-officio, non-voting) or his/her representatives.