Graphic illustrating placement of a 1050 by 425 picture

Picture Sizes

This page gives you some guidelines for sizing your photos.

Top Header Graphic for Main Pages

The header graphic needs to stay consistent at 1050x425 pixels. For photos, make sure you save them as jpg in 72dpi format, which is the default for most digital cameras. If your image is a graphic, such as clip art, save it in png format.

You can use the packages created by Public Affairs if you do not have something for your main page. There are three choices: campus images, faculty/staff images, and student images. All three packages will have multiple photos that will rotate such that a different image shows each time someone comes to your webpage.

Right Graphic for Sub-Pages

The graphic on the right side should be approximately 300x495. These don't have to be precise if you have a logo that you want to put here and it doesn't conform to those dimensions. 

What if I want my own rotating images?

You can create your own images as well. Go ahead and paste in one of the packages. Within your department's media folder, choose "folder" from the new content menu and give the folder a name such as "Department Top Rotating." Upload multiple photos into that folder that are all the appropriate size, e.g. 1050x425 for a folder of rotating images for the top. Be sure to include alt text image for each image by adding alt="description of picture" in the parameters box. Click on edit for the folder and copy the url of your folder. Go back to your own page and click edit for the article of the package you pasted in. Replace the url with the url of your own folder. Be sure to include the leading forward slash.

^ RandomAssetProxy(/media/department/department-top-rotating);

Can I place photos within the body of the page?

Sure. Below is an example of a picture with the sizes 550x400. Yours can be whatever size you need it. It shouldn't be any wider than 550 pixels though. Be sure to edit your digital photos to the correct size before uploading them to the web server.

Graphic illustrating placement of a 550 by 400 picture

What size should directory photos be?

Photos for faculty/staff listings should be consistent. Try to use 100 pixels wide by 140 pixels high. The article below is a package that you can paste into your page from the New Content/Package menu. By using the package, you won't have to upload images to your media folder. You can attach a photo directly to the article.

Johnny Smith

Johnny Smith - Facstaff listing

Professor of Information Technology
B.S., M.S., Cameron University
Building Name - Room #
Phone: 580-581-2454

Instructions: change Johnny Smith's name in the Title, Menu Title, and URL. Modify description with correct information. Change Johnny Smith's name in the Link Title (this will add alt text to the image).  Click on "yes" to delete the 100x140 picture. Then click on "Browse" ("Choose File" if in Chrome) to replace with a faculty picture that is 100 pixels wide by 140 pixels high. For programs to help you do this, visit and look at the links portion. Be sure to delete these instructions.


Graphic illustrating placement of a 300 by 495 picture