Information Technology Services

Wireless Locations (Hotspots)

Student Union (entire building and outside areas)

Administration Building (entire building)

Art (most of the building)

Communications (most of the building)


Shepler Ballroom (most of Shepler Center)

North Shepler Lounge (Campus Brew)

South Shepler 4th Floor (entire floor – OU Nursing/Adult Continuing Education)

Music (entire building)

Howell Hall (entire building)

CETES (most of the building)

CETES II (conference rooms and hallways)

Fitness Center

Library (entire building)

Nance Boyer North (main entrance and 1st floor)

Nance Boyer (all floors) (middle corridors)

Nance Boyer South

Burch Hall (1st and 2nd floors)

Gymnasium – (main gym and entrance)

Sciences Complex (entire building)

Business Building (entire building)

Duncan Campus (entire building)

Cameron Village (1st floor in each building)

McMahon Center (entire building and outside areas)

McMahon Centennial Complex (MCC) (entire building)

Admin Roof (areas around Admin building)

Warehouse (grounds building and softball field)