Lectures and Concerts Committee

The Lectures and Concerts Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Vice President for Student Services and is responsible for encouraging lectures and concerts by

(1) disseminating information regarding funding of lectures and concerts and

(2) reviewing and making recommendations regarding proposals for University-funded lectures and concerts.

2015-2016 Minutes

11-30-2016-Meeting-Minutes.pdf 11-30-2016-Meeting-Minutes.pdf 12/14/2016 3:44 pm 54 kB
4-5-2016-Meeting-Minutes.pdf 4-5-2016-Meeting-Minutes.pdf 12/14/2016 3:44 pm 54 kB
3-29-2016-Meeting-Minutes.pdf 3-29-2016-Meeting-Minutes.pdf 12/14/2016 3:44 pm 46 kB
11-29-2016-Meeting-Minutes.pdf 11-29-2016-Meeting-Minutes.pdf 12/14/2016 3:44 pm 50 kB


Faculty: One elected by and from the Faculty Senate; one elected by and from each school.

Students: Four appointed by the Student Government Association President.

Administrators: Dean of Students (ex-officio, non-voting).