Group Study Rooms


Valid CU I.D. or Library Courtesy Card holders may visit the front desk or dial 580-581-2956 to schedule a room for the purpose of group study, tutoring, video viewing or presentation rehearsal. A reservation may be made up to two months in advance for a time period of up to two hours with renewal possible at the end of two hours.

Usage Guidelines

Use of the computers located in rooms 105 and 106 is for group study. Patrons must keep noise at minimum, use trash receptacles to dispose of unwanted items and vacate rooms at least five minutes prior to library closing time.

Usage Priorities

  • A group or an individual who needs to use video viewing equipment has priority over an individual who does not need to use such equipment.
  • An individual who needs to use video viewed equipment has priority over a group.
  • A patron rehearsing a presentation has priority use of room 116.
  • A CU I.D. holder has priority room use over a Courtesy Card holder.
  • A group may renew a room even if an individual is waiting to use the room.
  • A group may not renew a room if another group is waiting to use the room.


Rooms may not be reserved for a full semester, and a library staff member may cancel a reservation if the person who has reserved the room does not arrive within ten minutes of the start time. A staff member may move belongings from a room left unattended for over fifteen minutes to the front desk.

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