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Undergraduate Seminar 2019-2020:

Our first undergraduate presenter was Mr. Samundra Regmi. 

Mr. Regmi at talk

Dr. Argyros gives his opening

Pizza and math

front row ready

faculty support

"Jen" Yauheniya Shviadok presented on Semi-Local Convergence of Newton's Method.

Jen Shviadok

Pizza before the talk

Jen and Dr. Argyros

Faculty at talk

Listening with rapt attention


Dr. Argyros speaking before presentation

Mr. Goodness Agboola presented "Polynomial Multiplication Algorithm and Its' Application"

Dr. Budhathoki and Goodness

preping for the seminar

rapt attention

attentive hearing


Dr. Joshi, Dr. Burhathoki, and Goodness

CUMSS 2019-2020:

We started with Cameron's very own Dr. Muhammad Javed speaking about "Survivable IP-overWMD Networks:  Introduction, Challenges, and Some Solutions"

Dr. Javed at CUMSS

Attendance at the seminar:

Listening with rapt attention


Dr. Shrestha presents Machine Learning and Non-Invasive Health Monitoring and Diagnosis

Dr. Shrestha

new concepts

Students in attendance

Paula Wyatt

Dr. Thapa

Dr. Aktas presenting "Classification of Turkish Makam Music:  A Topological Approach". 

Dr, Aktas pressing a point


Undergraduate Research 2018-2019:

student research presenters

CUMSS 2018-2019:

Long Tran - Faculty math talk

students and Long Tran

Math Jeopardy

Jeopardy Participants

Fun with Math Jeopardy

Samundra and Michael creating magic with numbers

Meet our Mathmagician, Sanumdra and his assistant, Michael

Meet and Greet with Students and Faculty:

Dr. Argyros and students discussing math

Faculty and students at meet and greet

Prof. Sauer at meet and greet

Dr. Herring and Prof. Wyatt going over math

Faculty Seminar

Dr. Savic explaining concepts of math.Imagination and Math with Dr. Savicattentive attendeesLet's talk about math!!Studentt attendees

Dr. Adam Molnar

Dr. Molnar

Dr. Molnar

Discussing P Values

Mahesh Sunkula

Mahesh Sunkula

Mahesh Sunkula

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