Cameron University’s Dr. Ioannis Argyros authors four new mathematics textbooks

Cameron University’s Dr. Ioannis Argyros, professor of mathematical sciences, is the co-author of four new mathematics textbooks, each of which contain new research related to computational methods for solving equations.

Argyros was assisted in his research by CU computer sciences major Akinola Akinlawon, Sagun Panta and Nirjal Shrestha as part of their undergraduate research. Papers extracted from the books have been presented at numerous scientific meetings and will also be presented in 2017. Akinlawon, Lagos, Nigeria, completed his B.S. in Computer Science in July. Panta, Katmandu, Nepal, is a junior pursuing a Bachelor of Accounting. Shrestha, Kathmandu, Nepal, is a junior majoring in computer science.

“Intelligent Numerical Methods II: Applications to Multivariate Fractional Calculus” has been published by Springer Verlag as part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence series. Argyros co-authored the book with Dr. Dr. George A. Anastassiou from the University of Memphis. In this short monograph, Newton-like and other similar numerical methods with applications to solving multivariate equations are developed, which involve Caputo type fractional mixed partial derivatives and multivariate fractional Riemann-Liouville integral operators. The chapters are self-contained and can be read independently.

“Iterative Algorithms I” and “Iterative Algorithms II” will be published by Nova Science Publishers, Inc., in December. Argyros co-authored both with Dr. Alberto A.Magrenan, International University, La Rioja, Logrono, Spain. Both volumes presents the authors’’ work over the past decade in analyzing convergence and dynamics of iterative methods. The book's results are expected to help find applications in many areas of applied mathematics, engineering, computer science and real problems.

“Iterative Methods and their Dynamics with Applications” will be published in February 2017 by CTRC press and is intended for researchers in computational sciences and as a reference book for advanced computational method in nonlinear analysis. The book is a collection of the recent results on the convergence analysis of numerical algorithms in both finite-dimensional and infinite-dimensional spaces and presents several applications and connections with fixed point theory. It also provides recent advancements in the study of iterative procedures and can be used as a source to obtain the proper method to use in order to solve a problem.

A member of the CU faculty since 1990, Argyros has published 29 books/monographs and more than 900 peer-reviewed articles on the topic of computational mathematics. He also serves on the editorial board of numerous mathematical journals. He is a frequent reviewer for the American Mathematical Society and other mathematical journals.  Argyros is the recipient of the Distinguished Research Award from the Southwest Oklahoma Advanced Technology Association.



November 10, 2016