Cameron University School of Business honors students

The Cameron University School of Business recognized student achievement during a recent ceremony during which scholarships and awards were presented.

Four graduating students were honored as Distinguished Graduates: Monica Martin, Lawton – Bachelor of Accounting; Kristian Sharkey, Cache – Bachelor of Business Administration; Autumn Corn, Walters – Master of Business Administration; and Brian Sibley, San Antonio, Texas – Master of Science in Organizational Leadership.

Recipients of the James R. & Irene J. Lawrence Memorial Endowed Trust Scholarship were

Tricia Rawlins, Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis; Ashton Major and Cordell Setters, Duncan; Quinton Tews, Edmond; Harley Gault, Elgin; Kimberly Nyhart. Fletcher; Sondra Nash, Geronimo; David Dunnell, Raquel Flores, Weston Glenn, Chelsey Harper, Lily McClure, Yvonne Moore, Elias Page, Diandra Pierre, Samantha Pigadiotis, Zoie Timothy, Trisha Vernon-Cole and Nichole Warren, Lawton; Summer Palmer, Mountain View; and Beau Hughes, Norman.

Flores, Harper and Warren also received the Blanche Beavers Endowed Scholarship in Business, as did Makenna Brown, Walters, and Meagan Sonnenburg, Killeen, Texas.

Dunnell, Gault, Major, Moore, Nyhart, Setters, Timothy, Vernon-Cole and Warren each received the Reginal C. Brown Endowed Scholarship.

Recipients of the David A. Himes Endowed Memorial Scholarship were McClure; Jacob Hawkins, Iowa Park, Texas; and Joon Jeong and Lauren Mattice, Lawton.

Major, McClure and Rawlins each received the Cameron University BancFirst Investment Portfolio Endowed Scholarship. Delvis Simmonds, Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis, received the Bhargava Family Endowed Scholarship in Business, and Timothy received the Shelia O. Lee Endowed Scholarship.  

Vernon-Cole was presented with the Sylvia M. Burgess Service Award, and Haley Deighan, Lawton, was presented with the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key.

The Cameron University School of Business is accredited by ACBSP, the specialized accreditation association for business education which embraces teaching excellence.



May 3, 2016