Cameron University chemistry students present research at statewide meeting

Cameron University chemistry major Alex Rivas was awarded first place in the Undergraduate Poster division at the recent Oklahoma American Chemical Society meeting. He was among six CU students who presented their research at the annual gathering.

Rivas, a senior chemistry major from Altus, presented two posters at the conference: “The Effects of PCBP2 on Iron Homeostasis and Iron-related Proteins in Livers of PCBP2 Knockdown Mice,” for which he was awarded first place, and “Using Microwaves for Organic Synthesis in Undergraduate Organic Labs.”

Mark Bannon, Lawton, presented a poster on “Traditional and Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of 1,2,3-Triazoles using Click Chemistry.”

Pasang Hyolmo, Kathmandu, Nepal, presented “Microwave Synthesis of Tetrapheynlporphyrins and Tetraphenylporphyrin Derivatives.”

Emmanual Ilondior, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria, conducted research and presented a poster on “Synthesis of Azo Dyes Prepared from Diazonium Salts and their Applications in Solar Cells.”

James Lutz, Lawton, presented his research on “Synthesis of Malachite Green and Its Application in Solar Cells.”

Sujana Rupakheti, Makawanpur, Nepal, presented her research on “Microwave Synthesis of Phenyl Salicylate and Phenyl Salicylate Derivatives.”

Rivas, Hyolmo, Ilondior, Lutz and Rupakheti conducted their research with Dr. Ann Nalley, Professor of Chemistry.  Bannon’s research was conducted with Dr. Mary Tohidi, Assistant Professor.

Both Rivas and Rupakheti have been selected to participate in the INBRE Summer Research Program at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center this summer.



May 10, 2016