Cameron University to recognize “Aggies in Every Shade” for annual celebration of diversity

Cameron University students, faculty and staff will celebrate “Aggies in Every Shade” for the university’s annual diversity observance on Tuesday, October 10. From noon to 2 p.m. in the McCasland Ballroom of the McMahon Centennial Complex, “Aggies in Every Shade” will feature samples of cultural cuisine, performances, interactive games and activities, and information from various campus organizations. The event is open to the public at no charge.

“We selected ‘Aggies in Every Shade’ to highlight our diversity as a university,” says Olivia Polynice, coordinator of the event. “The theme is a play on words based on Cameron’s demographics and celebrating that individuals are unique and come in various shades. Since we have individuals from all around the world right here on campus, we want to demonstrate that Cameron is committed to and respects diversity. The celebration will also offer programs representative of the students we serve.”

While highlighting Cameron’s strengths as a diverse university, the event will also highlight the similarities that exist among diverse groups of people.

“Each organization will have a display about the culture it represents,” says Polynice. “As part of that display, each group will prepare at least one dish that contains a common ingredient – in this case, chocolate.”

Participating organizations represent a variety of cultures and backgrounds. In addition to the display mentioned above, members of participating organizations will present interactive activities and performances. Cultural backgrounds represented include but are not limited to South Pacific, Muslim, Brazilian, Nepali, Latin American and European. Social and religious groups will also participate.



October 3, 2017