Cameron University’s 31st Annual Beef Cattle Improvement Conference to focus on “Federal Farm Policy Update”

Cameron University will present its 31st Annual Beef Cattle Improvement Conference on Thursday, November 15, featuring keynote speaker Dr. Amy D. Hagerman, State Specialist in Agriculture and Food Policy and Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University. Hagerman will provide on update on Federal farm policy. The conference will start with dinner at 6 p.m. in the McCasland Ballroom of the McMahon Centennial Complex. There is no charge to attend.

Amy D. Hagerman“Since 1953, Oklahoma has had 173 disaster incidents, giving us the dubious honor of being in the top five disaster-prone states in the U.S.,” Hagerman says. “Many USDA programs designed to provide safety nets and disaster assistance to Oklahoma farmers and ranchers are authorized and funded, through the Farm Bill. In this presentation, the current status of the Farm Bill will be discussed as well as an overview of proposed changes to Farm Bill titles.”

Hagerman indicates she will touch on the programs in the 2014 Farm Bill that are specific to livestock producers and that were most in Oklahoma in 2017.

Prior to joining Oklahoma State University in June 2018, Hagerman spent 7 years with the U.S. Department of Agriculture working on economic consequence assessments of livestock policies on U.S. agricultural industries, first with the Economic Research Service in Washington, D.C., and most recently with Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service in Fort Collins, Colorado. Hagerman focuses her extension and research programs on helping producers to better understand agriculture and food policies and to manage the risks of agriculture.



November 5, 2018