Cameron University encourages new VA Chapter 35 beneficiaries to enroll for summer classes

The Cameron University Office of Veteran Affairs encourages new VA survivors and dependents who meet the eligibility criteria for DEA Chapter 35 benefits to enroll for summer classes. Due to a change in the total number of months a student may be eligible to receive these benefits and dependent upon when the student first enrolls, taking summer classes may be advantageous. While most changes under the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act, which becomes law on August 1, 2018, enhance or expand educational benefits for veterans, service members, families and survivors, there is one area where the benefit will decrease. The law reduces the number of months for which a student may be eligible from 45 to 36 if the student does not initially enroll prior to August 1. Based on this effective date, CU recommends that new, qualified beneficiaries who had planned on attending Cameron during the Fall 2018 semester consider enrolling in at least one class this summer. In doing so, students may be eligible for a maximum of 45 months versus 36.

“For new DEA Chapter 35 beneficiaries, waiting until the Fall 2018 semester to take a college class will  reduce the entitlement to only 36 months instead of the current level of 45 months,” says Vicki Henson, CU Coordinator of Veteran Affairs. “Cameron offers a variety of classes and workshops during the summer semester. We encourage any new qualified beneficiaries for DEA Chapter 35 to take at least one summer class to meet the current entitlement eligibility requirements.

Although eligibility for DEA Chapter 35 is determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), CU’s Office of Veteran Affairs can provide additional information and answer questions about Chapter 35 as well as other VA programs. Henson and her staff can be reached at 580-581-2301.

Potential students must first be admitted to CU before enrollment is allowed. Admissions information is available online at or by calling 580-581-2289.   



April 26, 2018