Artwork by Cameron University student Kathryn Carroll to be exhibited in CU Sciences Complex

Cameron University will showcase the work of senior art major Kathryn Carroll with a special exhibition in the Sciences Complex. Carroll will present a gallery talk at 3 p.m. on Thursday, March 8, to introduce the exhibition. The exhibit will feature 17 works created in a variety of media – oil paintings, watercolor paintings and various forms of prints. For the show, Carroll has selected the theme of dreams.

“Like many others, I have strange dreams that are haunting, colorful, wondrous, terrifying, and beautiful,” Carroll says. “I find my inspiration in dreams and take leave from the real world and find myself in a world all my own. In my work, I try to give the dreams that haunt me life. I hold the images in my head for as long as it takes to get a pencil in my hand. My work is often nonsensical and ambiguous in terms of meaning or message. I want to leave the door open, so people who see it can make their own story up. I like to classify my work as an escape as I find much of the real world to be too heavy at times. By taking light and fantasy oriented subject matter and mixing it with a touch of darkness, I find ways to get the point across that not all dreams are good.”

Carroll, a native of Duncan, is a senior art major who is studying painting and printmaking. She works in a variety of media including oil, watercolor, drypoint printing and linoleum printing. In 2017, she was selected as the featured artist at the Chisholm Trail Arts Council Kick-Off show last year. 



March 7, 2018